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Accent Chairs For Living Room

Accent Chairs For Living Room – The choice of home furniture should make it more stylish and functional. Furniture that meets both requirements is an accent chair or two. Adding an accent chair to the overall design of your home isn’t just an extra space in your home, it’s also a three-dimensional decoration. This product will diversify your aesthetic and anchor your image, making the choice of accent chair versatile.

In addition to the choice of color and pattern, there are a few other considerations you should pay attention to when making your final choice of chair. It’s important to style your chair according to the space it will be in. “If the décor in a room looks like it’s been carelessly placed, the entire room will be thrown off,” suggests interior designer Kelly Collins of Country Living. You want to try decorating your space with an accent chair in a complementary color, pattern, shape and size, as it should fill the space without clashing with existing decor.

Accent Chairs For Living Room

Accent Chairs For Living Room

When you’re decorating a space, accent chairs aren’t just for looks, as their placement in the space should make sense and fit in with the existing elements of the room. SFGate reports that whether you place a pair of chairs facing each other, on either side of a coffee table, or in the corner of a room, the placement of the chairs should maintain balance in the space.

The Ultimate Guide To Decorating With Accent Chairs

If you want to use accent chairs in a formal area of ​​your home, such as a living room or den, be sure to arrange the chairs in a way that encourages conversation. The purpose of placing chairs in these rooms is to complement the placement of other furniture. These extra seats are often paired with sofas and loveseats, but accent chairs can be used almost anywhere in the home. If you’re not sure where a chair will fit in your room, move it around the house for a short time to see where it works best.

While many fabrics are attractive, you want one that can withstand daily wear and tear and environmental elements. Fabric material choice is important for accent chairs, both in the short and long term; you’ll want the chairs to complement your home long-term, even if you change other aspects of the decor. When purchasing a chair, you should try to ensure that the fabric is durable to maximize its lifespan and maintain its appearance. This is crucial, especially if the accent chair is located in a common area of ​​the home where it will be relied upon frequently and subject to constant wear and tear.

Frequent use is obvious, but exposure to sunlight is often overlooked. If the chair is located in a sunny room, the fabric you choose should be able to withstand these conditions. According to The Spruce, woven fabrics are more durable over time than fabrics that are simply printed with images. Preferred materials may be wool, cotton, microfiber or canvas. Chairs made from these types of materials are ideal for high-traffic spaces that require a fabric mix to withstand continued use and impact. The fabric and texture also make cleaning and care easy.

The color and pattern of the accent chairs you choose for your space is where your personality shines through. Placing a feature chair in a room can showcase the moment when the chair became the star, as shown by the bright red color of the chair in the room above. Choosing bold colors that pull the look together or funky designs that stand out can really make a space stand out.

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But it’s not necessarily just the colors and patterns that attract attention. One can simply choose to decorate their space with neutral-colored chairs and simple decor. Decoist recommends that if you’re looking for a sophisticated chair or chair design, consider looking for a chair with a striped design. This pattern is versatile and can bring a minimalist visual texture to any room in the home. Stripes are elegant and timeless, and their simple structure makes them a classic choice for most home styles. Pastel florals, paisley patterns, and simple solid colors can also create a cohesive home look, or choose to mix them all up for a truly eclectic vibe.

Beautiful home designs often find a unifying combination of textures and tones found throughout the various elements of the room. “Mix different wood tones, metal accents and upholstery colors,” interior designer Benjamin Reinart shared via CNN. Mixing shades is popular in home styles as this trend seems to dominate most home designs. The blend of wood finishes and specialized metal components creates a more cohesive visual when entering the room.

The purpose of mixing different finishes is to make them intentionally contrast yet look the same. To achieve a complementary combination of different shades in your home, try mixing a wooden table, coffee table or sofa with complementary shades as this will help give the item a familiar attitude. Metallic decorations are freer, and the mix of brass, gold, black and silver is equally harmonious in the room. You can add metallic accents to knobs, handles, chair legs, and statues.

Accent Chairs For Living Room

When you choose a statement chair for your space, try to draw your attention—beyond color, pattern, and shape—to the legs that support the chair. According to Joss and Main, the leg style that matches the accent chair you choose can tell you a lot about your decorating preferences.

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Furniture leg styles can come in many forms, such as tapered, modern, block, tubular, and spiral, to name a few common ones. When a decorator chooses a feature chair for a home, the legs may seem like an overlooked feature, but they should be taken into account in the final decision, as this simple feature may be the chair’s only chance to show off its character. This common decorative item can often be a deciding factor in a design plan, as its influence can shape a look or even modernize the repurposing of old furniture.

What purpose does an accent chair serve in your space? Most accent chairs are purchased and used as additional seating options in the living room or den, but this piece of furniture can be useful in other rooms for other reasons. You might consider placing the chair in your bedroom, as it can be used to decorate a dark corner or complement a cozy reading nook. According to Homedit, large chairs are ideal for reading nooks because the size of the chair allows people to change positions while still feeling comfortable.

If you don’t need a reading nook, try outfitting your office or café with an accent chair or two matching chairs. These accommodations offer a seating area separate from the bed and sofa. An accent chair can even serve as the perfect place to place all those accent pillows, extra blankets, and piles of clean laundry you’ve been waiting to fold. You can even move the chair closer to the bed and place a tray on top, creating the perfect transitional bedside table, perfect for holding a drink or phone.

When choosing a statement chair, we often fall in love with the seat because, let’s face it, it’s either comfortable or it’s not. The Spruce recommends that when choosing a chair or group of chairs for your home, consider the chair’s seating function. The depth, angle and width of the seat cushion are decisive factors in finding the perfect comfortable chair. There is something, like a chair, that is too small because not all seats are the same. Before finalizing the design, take measurements of your favorite accent chair, especially if the chair is going to be placed in a specific location. Altrobene Modern Accent Chair, Velvet Lounge Chair, Living Room/bedroom Arm Chair With Pillow, Button Tufted, Golden Finished, Beige

Once you’ve decided on the perfect size, it’s time to start choosing a chair that will give you pure comfort. Plush seat cushions with precise back support are a key feature of truly comfortable seating. The comfort level should be commensurate with the amount of time you plan to spend in the chair. A super plush chair that looks like a pillow may be needed in the bedroom, as the softness is perfect for sleeping, while a leather chair with wooden arms is more practical in the living room. Style and structure are both convenient, but not on the same level.

Paying attention to the design of the chair, whether you choose a chair with or without armrests, can often determine its use for the person sitting in it. Chairs without armrests are useful when space is limited and openness is optimal. Armchairs are often found in living rooms, but can also be added to them, according to Designer Living

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