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Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms – Choosing a well-thought-out, stylish and durable floor covering is important for building a strong foundation in any room. But this is especially true for small bathrooms, which tend to present complex conundrums. Higher priced items (showers, baths, sinks and toilets!) and storage needs tend to get the most attention, but choosing the right materials for surfaces is also worth thinking about as it can make a big difference in the end. So consider this a friendly reminder not to underestimate the floor! If you’re looking for creative design solutions to deal with a less-than-ideal bathroom floor situation, or you’re ready to start a renovation, you’ve come to the right place. 14 small bathroom flooring ideas from leading designers will introduce you to the best materials for the bathroom environment and you will also see inspiring furnishing ideas and tips.

Lucy Harris extended the tile wall throughout the bathroom for a cohesive feel, which is essential for a small bathroom. To achieve a similar consistency, but still contain contrast, he used the same marble tile on the bathroom floors. Full glass shower doors keep it open and airy.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

This marble and glass shower is a welcome modern surprise in a 1770s Charleston farmhouse designed by Cameron Schwabenton. The overall eclectic approach honors the integrity of the home’s history with rustic wood baseboards. But by using more modern materials like the marble and glass used in the shower, it also feels modern and polished.

This Bathroom Tile Design Idea Changes Everything

A simple design trick? Paint your white surfaces for a bright and clear update. Designer Andrew Flesher gave this small farmhouse bathroom a fresh coat of white paint, including old wood floors. He also made the most of the limited space by bypassing bulky cabinets and installing a floating sink.

A great way to save without completely compromising your vision is to use natural stone tiles instead of larger seamless tiles. Given their natural water resistance, natural stone tiles such as marble or granite are an excellent flooring choice in a space prone to waterlogging, such as a bathroom. This Heidi Caillier-designed bathroom features black and white stone tiles on the floor and alternating gray marble subway tiles in the shower.

In this small bathroom, designer Andy Beers of Ore Studios created a bold, irregular pattern with graphic floor tiles, further enhanced by a modern pendant.

Concrete floors rank high on the durability scale, especially when it comes to waterproofing. The lively look of cast concrete is also perfect for any risk-taker or stylish city dweller. Instead of choosing between a shower and a bath (or being stuck with both), Leanne Ford used concrete floors throughout the bathroom and installed a central drain so the space could function as a wet room.

Modern Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas For Your Bathroom Interiors

Dusty pink and purple small tiles and cheery tangerine powder-coated cabinets bring so much life to this bathroom designed by ETC.etera. They offer a more eclectic and unique look than other clay tiles due to their unique firing process.

For the bathroom next to the master bedroom in Alison Victoria’s Atlanta loft, the HGTV designer made it feel more spacious and open by not installing doors and using the same flooring in each connected room. When Victoria moved into the loft, the existing concrete floors had a reddish-orange stain, so she installed wood-look vinyl tile flooring throughout the space. It’s a great budget alternative to wood, and it’s super durable (ie perfect for the bathroom!).

Mise en Scene Design chose contrasting copper elements for an upbeat yet rustic feel in this powder room. A vibrant blue area rug enlivens the entire room. If you’re not quite ready to break up the floors or want to experiment with a color scheme, throw an accent rug on the floor, as seen here.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

In this modestly sized powder room designed by Corinne Mathern Studios, a small shelf turns an awkward corner into something elegant and practical. It is large enough to hold a few selected cosmetics or a vase of flowers. Modern lighting and accessories create this modern moment, while the original terracotta floor pays homage to the architectural bones of the Spanish Renaissance.

Walk In Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms: Maximize Space

Ceramic tiles are easily preferred in bathrooms, especially on floors. They are highly waterproof, easy to clean and extremely versatile in basically any shape or color. Here, in this small Atelier ND bathroom, a contrasting wavy floor tile is raised to the side of the built-in tub, bringing together multiple surfaces in this bathroom.

A fine rug connects this small McLaren.Excell bathroom and walk-in closet to the master bedroom, and also provides a soft landing for cold feet. Exquisite custom gold detailing, industrial matte and concrete materials, and warm wood paneling combine monastic serenity with bold design. Carpet doesn’t seem like the best for splashing, but with the right shower design, it can actually work quite well.

Cork is an environmentally friendly material and is also gaining more and more traction in the design world. Surface material turns out to be unexpectedly stylish in this small New York powder room designed by Shawn Henderson. If you decide to use it on your floors, be sure to finish it with a waterproof coating to ensure long life.

In this bathroom by Heidi Caillier, a unique pattern is created in the shower with a mix of mosaic tiles and subway tiles. The rest of the floors are made of wood.

Best Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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61 ideas to make small bathrooms look bigger 26 luxury bathroom ideas 17 playful ideas for stylish children’s bathrooms 17 ideas for comfortable guest bathrooms The average British bathroom is 1.8m x 2.4m, but some are really smaller. If you find yourself with a small bathroom renovation and don’t know where to start, or you’re getting conflicting information from different sources, let us guide you back to bathroom heaven with 5 tile ideas that are perfect for little ones. bathrooms.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Who says you can’t make patterned tiles work in small spaces… Elle Décor white, as seen in this bathroom, has an easy partner. Break up multi-pattern patterns by using it with a plateau. Keep the patterned tile on the floor and wrap around the wall for maximum impact. Check out this selection of tiles >

Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

This stone effect porcelain is an incredibly versatile tile available in 15x60cm, 30x60cm mosaic. When used together, the sizes work in harmony to create modern and striking bathrooms. Using two rectangular tiles together can create a feature wall without using another tile or color. An ideal solution for smaller rooms and a quiet look. Check out this selection of tiles >

Brick effect tiles are a British bathroom classic if you will. Simple, effective and perfect for bathrooms with a smaller footprint. Brick effect tiles are often paired with dado tiles and our Town and Country range is no exception. Use her matching dado pieces to finish the half-height tiles, and paint or wallpaper on top to add personality to an otherwise plain and simple scheme. Check out this selection of tiles >

Just because space may be tight doesn’t mean your creativity has to be stunted. If you’re feeling brave, products like chipboard are for the adventurous. As previously mentioned in Elle Décor, wall and floor wrapping works well in compact bathrooms with the more decorative tile in this range. Check out this selection of tiles >

Jewelry doesn’t have to be boring. Choosing modestly sized sanitary ware means more wall space to decorate with tiles like our creative geometries. All you need is a good tiler with a creative eye and you can create any look you want! Fun and affordable tiles for rooms of all shapes and sizes. View this range of tiles British Ceramic Tile uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our website. If you continue, we assume that you agree to the privacy and cookie policy.

Small Bathroom Remodeling & Design Ideas

Space may not be on your side when it comes to the bathroom, but don’t give up on the dream of a walk-in shower. From layout and design to tiles and colors, we have plenty of ideas for shower enclosures for small and sparse bathrooms. See what you think…

A simple corner shower is one of the most popular options for saving space in a small bathroom. They are compact, practical and leave a lot of space for other devices and furniture.

If you’re worried about a small shower, try choosing a new corner shower enclosure instead. This gives you more width when you shower and gets rid of any protruding corners elsewhere in the room.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

A little more convincing is needed first

A Small Bathroom Makeover.

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