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Best Car For Older Drivers

Best Car For Older Drivers – 10 Best New Cars for Older Drivers These vehicles offer safety features and technologies designed for seniors behind the wheel.

Building cars, trucks and SUVs that offer easy access, advanced safety equipment, crash safety and technology features designed to enhance the ownership experience for seniors is now standard across all brands of – cars.

Best Car For Older Drivers

Best Car For Older Drivers

We’ve compiled the specs to come up with the best vehicles for aging drivers. Each of the following 10 vehicles stands out with some combination of features, such as a high seating position, collision avoidance technology, numerous convenience features, multiple cameras for easier parking, and a price tag that can ‘ appeals to drivers. fixed income.

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Older drivers need to be included in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, especially with affordable and practical options like the Chevrolet Bolt EUV (electric utility vehicle). With a larger rear seat than the standard Bolt EV hatchback, the crossover version comes with a single-pedal steering wheel, easy-to-use controls and infotainment system, and a starting price under $29,000.

Full-size vans can be intimidating to park and difficult for older drivers to get into. On the other hand, the compact Ford Maverick shrinks what a truck has to offer in a more accessible package.

With an SUV-like front road view, the four-door Maverick offers low entry, a usable back seat and a cargo bed that doesn’t require a head ladder to load and unload. It is also quite cheap, starting at less than $25,000. The Maverick also has simple controls and advanced safety features.

The CR-V is a compact SUV that stands above the crowd with an adjustable entry height passenger compartment. In addition, there are large front and rear doors and a remote-controlled tailgate.

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The front-wheel-drive CR-V’s base starting price of nearly $30,000 is about $2,000 more than a regular all-wheel-drive Subaru Forester (also recommended here). However, the Honda also has a movable lock that helps keep the vehicle secure without disturbing the key fob.

Hyundai is loading the Santa Fe two-row midsize SUV with buttons and dials instead of relying solely on the touchscreen for most of the vehicle’s functions. While some older drivers may be put off by the push-button gearbox (or others fondly recall similar designs from the 50s and 60s), there’s a lot to like about the easy-to-access cabin, good visibility out the windscreen and to the side. , and the extensive list of advanced safety features. , which is standard equipment.

The base SE trim starts at nearly $29,000. Stepping up to the SEL trim is a good mix of features and price. This version has a video blind spot monitor, an assistance system for driving on the highway and an optional surround camera.

Best Car For Older Drivers

The Soul combines the most senior-friendly aspects of SUVs. It offers an upright seating position and easy entry into the roof cabin without the high ride height that makes it difficult to get into the vehicle or the large proportions that can be a challenge in city traffic or parking garages.

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The Soul is also quite affordable, with a starting price of just over $21,000 for the base model, which can make a difference for buyers on a fixed income. All models also come with automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist and lane keeping assist, and driver attention.

The Sportage is a compact SUV that is easy to park while maintaining the kind of entry that is likely to be comfortable for seniors.

Kia has a simple infotainment system and offers a wide range of standard safety features, including collision avoidance assistance with the detection of cars, pedestrians and cyclists, a driver attention warning system with driver departure warning and automatic high beams. The Sportage also has a rotary paddle shifter that is easy to grab and turn.

The Forester has excellent off-road and winter ground clearance and narrow roof pillars that give you a great view of the road ahead. It also has large front, rear and side windows for improved all-round visibility – a key element in keeping older drivers safe on the road.

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The compact SUV offers a spacious interior, simple controls, standard all-wheel drive (AWD) and a starting price under $28,000. It is worth mentioning that advanced safety equipment Subaru EyeSight is available for all models (and blind spot monitoring is available from the premium trim).

The Outback shares the same safety and comfort equipment as its Forester sibling, but packs it into a midsize wagon-like package. With the same ground clearance as the Forester and standard AWD, the Outback is also good for seeing the road.

Compared to the Forester, the Outback boasts a longer overall length for seniors looking for a larger vehicle. One caveat: the Outback is more expensive than the Forester, asking about $29,500 for the base model.

Best Car For Older Drivers

Traditional sedans can still appeal to many drivers, including older drivers who grew up behind the wheel of these four-door knights. Toyota has ensured that the entry-level version of the popular midsize Camry is loaded with age-friendly features, including advanced safety (collision warning and braking, lane departure warning and dimming, automatic high beams). , power driver’s seat and automatic system. . external lights.

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Prices for the base LE start at nearly $29,000. The comfortable passenger compartment and its simple controls are complemented by additional safety equipment (brighter rear view camera, blind spot monitoring), keyless entry and a large, easy-to-read control. touch screen.

One bedroom apartments are not only for growing families, but also for those whose families have grown. Being able to accommodate grandchildren and their parents while they’re visiting is a popular reason older drivers move to vans like the Sienna.

Also appealing is the van’s high seating position, the low-mounted, easy-to-grip traditional shifter that sits directly on the dashboard, the remote-controlled sliding doors and hatchback, and the availability of ‘ packs that can be used to lift scooters and other mobility aids into the vehicle. Sienna’s generous cargo space. The base LE trim starts at nearly $37,000.

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Best Car For Older Drivers

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Best Car For Older Drivers

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