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Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes – Creating an advance directive aka a living will is what most of us keep for the rest of our lives. My parents gave their advance directives in their sixties. Charlie and I did our forties. Why earlier? As the health care needs of my parents and other elderly relatives grew, since I was in my late forties, I quickly decided to start my own.

Grown Children of Elderly Parents Our first major health crisis occurred 15 years ago. My father needs a triple pass and another special procedure called “Maze”. All four of our children and our mother sat awake during hours of surgery and recovery.

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

Doctors and nurses tried to prepare both of us to see him in the recovery room for the first time after surgery. But nothing prepares you for the shock when your loved one goes on full life support (see Murphy’s Law). He survived the surgery, recovered and physically, was much better. However, it took him a whole year to fully recover.

Duties We Have Towards Our Parents When They Get Older

The second brush with death occurred after routine knee replacement surgery. After being released from the hospital for knee surgery, he was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for recovery. He became unresponsive while in a skilled nursing facility. Me, my wife, my mother, local relatives and their children came to the ER en masse.

We asked one of the ER doctors about my father’s end of life. No doubt my mother said that.

My siblings and I would trade shifts because we were only allowed in 2 ICU units at a time. One of those times he woke up while my sister and I were in the room. He was so completely absorbed that he couldn’t speak. The look of fear in his eyes was heartbreaking and he reached out and hit me squarely in the chest. I was amazed at his strength and heartbroken that he told me he didn’t want me there.

Several days later, when he was out of the woods and recovering in a fancy nursery, I asked him if he remembered. I said ok. I asked him.

Quotes About Elderly Parents (33 Quotes)

He said there were demons in the room and he wanted me to leave to protect myself from them. I cried.

His next setback with a serious health crisis came when he broke his neck. He was recuperating from a head injury from a previous fall in a skilled nursing facility. I arrived at the skilled nursing facility for a routine visit to find him on the floor by the door surrounded by paramedics.

They strapped his neck to a backboard for transport to the ER. This was his 3

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

At 7 months, a big fall causes a head injury. So the paramedics took him to a trauma center instead of the nearest hospital. Note:  I asked them to take him to a trauma center.

A Comprehensive Caring For Aging Parents Checklist

The ER doctor spoke boldly – my father was fully conscious – and asked me about my father’s end-of-life wishes. I explained my father’s desire to live. This ER doctor expressed his displeasure and made it clear that he had a full life. And my dad might want to revisit this in the future because of his age (81 at the time).

My father lay on his back, neck in a sling, awaiting diagnosis and treatment, silent tears streaming down his face as this ER doctor misrepresented his opinion. It breaks my heart to share my father’s vulnerability.

My mother also almost died 3 times. The first time was 10 years ago, then again about 4 years ago and now recently. They ask me all the time about their end-of-life wishes. I always reply,

My parents created their advance directives 10 years ago at the same time they did their wills and estate plans. And although a person should regularly check these documents as they get older (and they exist), their end-of-life wishes have never changed. They want to live.

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In the skilled nursing facility they are often in the middle of these crises, when my parents stay for a month or more, the facility invites the family to a meeting with the patient and the health care team. This team includes directors of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritionist, social worker, etc. – 8 to 10 center staff and the patient and patient’s family.

Each center staff makes a verbal report about the patient and asks for feedback from the patient and the patient’s family. And they always ask for the patient’s end-of-life wishes. I have heard my parents, over and over, express their desire to live firmly and powerfully. While hospitals and skilled nursing facilities accept a copy of a patient’s advance directive, they still ask for it – all the time.

Here’s what I know today, right now, about having an advance directive and talking with your toddler:

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

If the hospital or facility accepts an advance health care directive that my parents have already completed, I simply give them a copy. I keep living wills of each of their POAs and advance health care directives in my car. They are always available without me thinking about it. When the stock in my car runs out, I fill it up.

Quotes About Caring For The Elderly

It’s never too early to start the conversation about an advance care directive aka live consent with elderly parents. #ParentCare Click to Tweet my parents today

If you’ve read my recent posts, Many a Winding Road and The Sunshine Gang, you know that my mom was taken to the ER by paramedics. She was admitted to the hospital in the last few days, shifted to the ICU. She is now out of the hospital and continuing to recover in a skilled nursing facility.

While she is better and recovering, the mystery of her sudden illness remains – a mystery. I expect she will be in skilled nursing for several weeks before returning home to live with my father.

So, the next few weeks will be difficult with 3 elderly siblings in 3 different facilities who need emotional support.

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The following excerpt is part of the lyrics from Judy Collins’ 1968 song “Both Sides Now.” As I watched the various storm clouds that had formed around us the past few days, this song came to mind as the perfect backdrop for these photos. (all taken on my iPhone) and how I feel.

I have seen life from both sides of winning and losing and I still somehow remember his life dreams I never really knew life. Click here to download and print your free quote: Both Sides Now – Judy Collins Quote.

I’ve added words to these beautiful cloud pictures and created free printable quote images for you. They are ideal for recording and sharing on social networks and it helped me to make them:

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

Not sure where to start and need help talking to your elderly loved ones about advance directives? I’ve collected some books to help you take the first step. We use cookies to improve your experience. By accepting, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn about unsubscribing.

Pope Francis: Take Care Of The Elderly And The Sick.

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When we first enter the world, our parents protect and care for us. As we grow, they should adjust the way they raise us and help us grow. And suddenly, one day, the script is completely flipped. Suddenly we found ourselves taking care of our parents.

Caring for your aging parents can be a great honor and joy. It can also be an incredibly challenging experience. Devoting your life to caring for aging parents is a huge commitment. Both of you have to adapt to a new dynamic. You will have to deal with new responsibilities, and you may face setbacks.

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Fortunately, you are not alone. Many others find themselves in a caregiving position as their parents age. These quotes can help you feel less alone as you embark on a rewarding but difficult journey.

In many parts of the world, it is common for elderly parents to live with their family members. Although less common in the United States, cohabitation with elderly parents is not uncommon. In fact, one in five Americans currently cares for a parent who is fifty or older. These verses examine the delicate dynamics of this type of arrangement.

1. “It is one of the greatest honors to care for those who once cared for us.” – Tia Walker

Caring For Aging Parents Quotes

This is a quote from the book, “The Inspired Caregiver: Finding Happiness.”

Quotes About Elderly Care: Understanding The Importance And Challenges

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