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Chase Bank Business Checking Account

Chase Bank Business Checking Account – Access & Security Manager allows business owners to give other people, such as an accountant or accountant, limited or full access to their online accounts. Access can be restricted by account number, type of transaction possible, daily dollar limits on the amount of money that can be transferred, and more. Additionally, Access & Security Manager provides detailed activity reports to monitor everyone’s activities.

The administrator has control over the assignment of users and determines which accounts each user has access to, depending on your specific security needs.

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

Each authorized user has a unique user ID and password so they can only access accounts specified by the account administrator.

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An account signer can have account administrator privileges. If you need to reassign this responsibility, call the Internet Service Center at 1-877-PC (1-877-242-7372).

No, there can only be one administrator. However, each subscriber to the account can set a user ID. Note: If you want someone to access money movement services (ACH payments, QuickDeposit, wire transfers, etc.) on your behalf, they must be added as an authorized user through Access & Security Manager.

If you want to assign account administrator responsibility to someone else in the organization, call the Internet Service Center at 1-877-PC (1-877-242-7372).

As an account administrator, simply log in with your username and password and select “Account Management” and then “Access and Security Manager” to get started. Other people who have been set up as authorized users simply log in with the temporary ID and password given to them by the administrator.

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An authorized user can be a trusted person, such as an accountant, accountant, employee, or business partner. Each Authorized User has a unique ID and password that grants them access to the accounts and services as determined only by the account administrator.

Select “Add New User” on the Access & Security Manager overview page. This will walk you through these five simple steps:

To add a user, the account administrator must provide the user’s first and last name, email address, phone number, user ID, and temporary password.

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

Yes, for each account you can set the access level (“No Access”, “View Only”, “Transaction”, “View & Execute”) for each account. If possible, you can also specify the type of transactions and any limits you want to set on the amount of money that can be moved and whether another person must require approval of a transaction before money is actually moved.

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Once the users are set, how long will it take before I have access to the accounts?

Once users are set up and provided with user IDs and passwords, they have instant access to the accounts. You will be asked to complete your registration by confirming a password, security code, number and home address.

Can authorized users log in if they attempt to log in to Business Online before they are granted account access?

Yes, a user can log in to Business Online. However, the user only has access to the Message Center and the Customer Center. You will see a message stating that account access has not been granted.

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You can give your users access to these types of transactions: pay bills, make ACH payments or collections, direct deposit payroll, transfer funds, make wire transfers, create online invoices. Please note: Users cannot transfer from credit products.

Yes, you can limit a user to only view access to some or all of your accounts. You can set an account to View Only in step 2 of the Add User process. For existing users, you can go to View/Edit Access and select View Only for the account of your choice.

Yes, you can set a dollar limit on the amount of money that can be sent daily. This limit can be set depending on the account number and transaction type (e.g. transfer, bill payment, etc.). You can set specific dollar limits for transactions in Step 2 of the Add User process. For existing users, go to View/Edit Access.

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

Yes. To grant equal access to multiple users, go to View/Edit Access, select the user for whom you want to edit access, and then select the user whose access information you are editing from the drop-down menu provided want.

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When editing new user access, you can enter a dollar amount in the Daily Limit field for each account. Additionally, you can set dollar limits that require someone else to approve the transaction before any money is sent. For existing users, go to View/Edit Access and enter a dollar amount in the Daily Limit field for each account.

An account administrator can grant access to checking, savings, CD, money market, credit, mortgage, investment, auto loan/lease, and brokerage accounts. The access level varies depending on the product type.

Can I grant access to my personal accounts using Access & Security Manager if my personal and work accounts are linked through Business Online?

As an account administrator, if you hide an account, all users will immediately lose access to the account and will be notified with a pop-up message. If the account administrator re-views the account, the user will no longer be able to access the account unless the account administrator grants access to the account again.

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To change the accounts a user can access, in Access & Security Manager, select the View/Edit Access link next to the user’s name.

We calculate daily limits on the day of payment, not the day we receive the information. The payment date is calculated for the date based on the type of payment order. The payment date must always be a banking day – Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. The cut-off times are:

When a user processes a transaction that requires approval, they are the owner and initiator of that transaction. The transaction is no longer associated with the user who originally created it and will count toward your daily limit.

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

If a user schedules a transaction that exceeds the daily limit for a particular transaction type, the system will reject the transaction. The user receives a message that the payment has been declined because it exceeds the daily limit.

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When a payee is added or changed, the user ID of the person who made the change and the date and time of the change are recorded and displayed in the payee’s details.

If you delete or suspend an authorized user, any pending transactions scheduled by that user will continue to be processed unless you delete the transaction.

You can. Transactions can only be canceled if they are in the pending phase. For transactions with a future date, you can go to the Pending screen to edit or cancel the transaction. For today’s transactions, you have until the cut-off time specified by you to cancel the transaction.

Yes. When adding new users, you can request approvals in Step 2 – Add Users. Here you select “Authorization required” for each transaction type and by account number. You can also specify a dollar amount that a transaction must be approved for before it is completed. For existing users, go to View/Edit Access, select Permission Required, and enter a dollar amount in the Permission Required Amount field.

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Yes, users can be set up to allow transactions for other users in Step 3 – Add Users. Note: When a user is set as an “Approver”, the user can approve/reject all types of transactions for the identified account.

An Administrator (this step is optional) may require an Authorized User to obtain approval for any eligible or specific transaction types, including account transfers, bill payments, direct deposit payroll, ACH payments, and wire transfers. Approvals can only be requested if the dollar amount for a transaction exceeds a daily or set transaction limit.

To find out whether a transaction requires approval, an approval link appears next to the transaction type (e.g. account transfers, bill payments).

Chase Bank Business Checking Account

To view or change a user profile, go to View/Edit User Profile. Here you can also change the user status by selecting Enable/Unlock, Delete, or Suspend as desired.

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Changes to the user profile take effect immediately. If a user has an open Business Online session, the change will affect that profile the next time the user accesses the system.

If you suspend or delete a user, all previous transactions continue as planned and are not affected.

When a username is changed, their previous name will appear for previous transactions or existing transactions under that user ID. All future transactions will display the updated name.

If a user enters an incorrect user ID or password after three attempts, they will be locked out of the system.

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If a user is locked out, go to Manage Users, then select the User Security drop-down menu and select Send Temporary Password. The user can then change their password after logging in.

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