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Cheap Used Food Trucks For Sale

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In this post I will outline some options that people have in the market for food trucks for sale. Finding a truck that is in good condition, includes the specification requirements you need and is within budget will not always be easy. My hope is that this article will give you the options available to you and help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can happen to unwary new truck owners. Here we go!

Cheap Used Food Trucks For Sale

Cheap Used Food Trucks For Sale

When you buy from a fleet, you can be sure that the customer has taken care of the vehicle throughout its life. i.e. He received regular oil changes and other routine maintenance. Other companies that maintain trucks and usually convert them into mobile food units include bread companies, FedEx and DHL. One of the nice things about buying from these companies is that they provide documentation of their regular vehicle care practices throughout their lifetime. This gives you additional insight into when oil changes have been performed while the tires have been rotated. The company should also have detailed reports of any significant incident or accident involving the customer.

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According to Bob Pierson of MR Trailers, whose company has built over 100 vehicles in the past 5 years, high clearance is much less of an issue when coming from a fleet than when buying a used vehicle through a dealer. If you are in the market, it is a smart way to contact these companies to find out how many trucks are being sold. If this sounds like something you want to pursue, check out these resources;

How to Find and Value a Used Food Truck – Learn how to value a truck like a builder in this audio interview.

FedEx Truck to Food Truck – See why Pizza Whole Foods decided to use the FedEx Food Truck for their business.

If you live near a suburban area, there are undoubtedly a few custom food manufacturers that can help you get started. One of the neat things about working with a manufacturer is that the bar of experience can only come from someone who has been there and done that. Additionally, builders often find that truckers acquire safety and fire code in addition to understanding plumbing and electrical. Of course, they also have the tools needed to rebuild a truck, which can be expensive. If you want a food truck to be made without the hassle of having a plumber, electricians and mechanics work with the manufacturer during the construction process. The good ones can also help you with the extension of your pains to monitor, cooking tools meaningful and even provide marketing and operations training so you are ready to run the business.

Food Truck With Brand New Kitchen For Sale

How Anthony Salvagno Found His Food Truck Builder – Listen to the interview to learn how Anthony found his builder and what the process was like. This is highly recommended.

Contact the manufacturer – Food Truck Control has connections with the best manufacturers throughout the United States. We have also negotiated discounts for our members.

We have built relationships with the best manufacturers across the US and Canada. One of the benefits of working with us is that we can connect you with builders who have a proven track record of producing sustainable and profitable food trucks. Additional benefits include at no extra cost such as free blue keys to build your vehicle, discounts for working with us and pre and post purchase support.

Cheap Used Food Trucks For Sale

Believe it or not eBay is a graveyard for food trucks that didn’t make it. I recommend checking out eBay before starting a food business, even if you don’t intend to buy one there. A cool reminder is that you need to do as much homework as possible before starting this business. But it has a silver lining that you can find for sale stateside.

Food Trucks For Sale In Kansas

Pro tip: if you want to go the eBay route, be sure to bring a rental car or bring a mechanic friend to appraise the truck. You don’t want to find out a month after spending $30,000+ that it has significant rust or other serious issues. You should follow this advice when evaluating a truck.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a vehicle for sale on the online site Craigslist. The process is extremely tricky, but if you look for business, you will find it. Go to the city of your choice and select the property for sale section. Check out this truck I found in Washington for under $10,000:

Food truckers are a close-knit community. Most truckers will know the competition in their city by first name and will know when a truck is about to close up shop and look for an exit. A food truck owner will also know who has built the most trucks in their area and share a plan on where to go (or not) to the truck. In my experience, people in the food truck community are very approachable. I interviewed dozens of them as part of the Food Truck Empire podcast and enjoyed my recent interviews with all of them. If you want to get attention, I recommend you approach during a busy time, place an order, and ask a few questions while you wait. A simple email can also provide the results you are looking for. While all owners are busy cheering, many will take the time to give you advice and share their knowledge.

Almost every city has a large food truck association or equivalent organization. If you’re not sure if there’s one where you live, go to Google and search for “city name + grocery chain company” in the field. Odds are you’ll find one if you live in a suburban area with 1 million or more people.

Used 2012 Food Trailer For Sale

But keep in mind that some of these organizations deal with food truck manufacturers. It is basically a generational vehicle in their business. I have nothing to do with this, and I think it’s a smart business practice. Just keep in mind that their weight can be a factor, if you’re looking for food truck recommendations here.

Upon further investigation, you may discover that you do not want a truck at all, but rather invest in another type of vehicle. Previously, I interviewed two different entrepreneurs who chose the bus. Keep your mind and eyes open and you can end up with a competitively priced vehicle.

Are you a food non-solo tango? I would love to hear where you found your food truck. If I missed any major places, let me know in the comments below.

Cheap Used Food Trucks For Sale

We interviewed successful founders and shared the stories behind their food trucks, restaurants and food and beverage brands. By sharing these stories, I want to start helping others.

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Brett Lindenberg is the founder of Food Truck Empire and Food For Empire. Brett’s mission is to help start up and grow profitable food businesses. Since 2014, Brett has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on the Food Empire Pro podcast and has written hundreds of blogs on all aspects of the food industry. Brett has been featured in media such as Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC and The Washington Post. You can reach Brett directly on Facebook or Twitter.Florida Food Truck for Sale! $70,000 (negotiable) Miami, FL. truck with top equipment and everything up to health and safety codes. In September 2017, he purchased a $5,000 kitchen equipment upgrade. What follows: Under pavement (under truck) Interior lighting with wall replacement Air conditioning unit – New September 2017… Continue reading »

Fire truck food truck for sale! Cleveland, OH. $65,000 1989 fire truck with 3208 cat engine. 30,000 miles. Tuscan 25 wood-burning oven. electric 19′ awning. lots of storage for product & wood. repelling the big the coolest food truck on the planet. I have 3 in operation in Cleveland Ohio. Education is available… Continue reading »

Florida Food Truck For Sale! 2001 Freightliner MT 45 18 Foot Custom Food Truck, $84,500. This truck is built with protection options. Currently, this is what the price means: Stainless Cooking Line Brushed Aluminum Walls 9 ft. Stainless Hood 24″ Stainless Flat Grill Plate Stainless 4 Burner Stove with Oven 50 LB Stainless Fryer… Continue reading »

Used Food Trucks For Sale Locally

Food Truck Business For Sale! Only $53k, located in Kansas City, but won’t sell anywhere! Turn the key and bring all the good stuff! 1990 Chevy P30 Grumman Olsen New Accessories and Brand New (Purchased 9/2015) -Arctic Air Full Fridge (Stainless) -Arctic Air Full Freezer (Stainless) -Wells

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