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Decorating High Walls In Living Room

Decorating High Walls In Living Room – Double high ceilings are a very attractive feature for a new home: they allow large windows and lots of light inside the house, connect the indoor and outdoor spaces and let you enjoy the views. But how do you decorate those double-height walls you’ve got? Here are some ideas to fill the image.

The most popular solution are windows because they provide a lot of natural light and decorative value, turning your room into a very beautiful and welcoming place. If you have double-height windows, combine them with some cool curtains or not – it depends on the style you have and the amount of light. If you have regular windows and two high ceilings, just add a row of windows on top of what you have, or a large clerestory window, for example, and the effect will not be worse. tall windows.

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

Double height bohemian living room with wooden ceiling, double height window, black sofa, coffee table, metal chair, light carpet and bicycle

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A modern and beautiful living room with black and white walls, windows above the doors, a fireplace and a television, a dark living room.

Modern living room with glass frame wall, white sofa, black coffee table, some side tables and coral rug

A modern living room with two rows of windows, a gray and navy blue sofa, empty chairs, a coffee table and an electric lamp

A few bay windows fill the space with light and help to increase the double height of the ceiling

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Two tall industrial living room with black chairs, coffee table, black himmeli diamond lamp and some artwork

Mid-century modern living room with glass wall, black brick fireplace, amber leather sofa, glass coffee table

Small double height living room with glass wall, fireplace, gray sofa, glass coffee table and floor lamp

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

A small kitchen and dining area adjacent to a wall of glass with skylights and diamond chandeliers accenting the ceiling height.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas From Designers

Small open plan layout with clerestory window and window backsplash, clean kitchen, cozy living area with wooden tables

A modern open plan living room with double height windows, open plan seating, large coffee table, fireplace and wood storage space.

A neutral and clean living room with a coffee table, artwork and wood paneling on the walls

A beautiful living room with two rows of windows, white chairs, a black coffee table and a black storage unit

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Modern and stylish living room with two tall windows, rusty sofa, gray side table and chair, comfortable table with plants and books

Contemporary living room and reception with corner sofa and pillows, glass walls, oval coffee table, pendant lamp

Living room with glass wall, gray sofa and balcony, round lamps and coffee table

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

Inviting living room with glass walls, neutral seating, black chairs, TV and TV cabinet, tall bookcases and stairs

Design Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

Industrial office with concrete walls, glass walls, open floor plan with a floating storage unit, printed carpet and cool lighting

An accent wall is another good solution for a high wall, and it can be achieved in different ways: with color, for example painting, with prints, for example wallpaper, or with some texture, which usually covers the entire wall is stone. , wood, metal or whatever you like. That accent wall can also feature a great piece of art.

A modern double-height living room in shades of gray, with an accent wall in wooden panels, a TV and a TV box, a double-height window that brings in lots of light .

Contemporary double height living room with large window and window sill, white corner sofa, coffee table and textured wall and ceiling.

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A modern, neutral living room with wood paneling on the walls, two rows of windows, a gray sofa, a table with some poufs and potted plants.

Tall living room with chandeliers and wood accents accent the ceiling, fireplace, bookcases, upholstered seating

A floor to ceiling gallery wall is a great solution that adds decorative value to the room, and since the wall is high, the space is ready to be filled with artwork. Change your mind and create a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall that tells a story. Another idea is to attach the boards to the wall and build a gallery wall on it (maybe not floor to ceiling), you can change the artwork whenever you want you

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

Beautiful living room with gallery wall, white upholstered sofa, printed sofa, coffee table, brown stools and beautiful lamp.

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A bold and eye-catching living room with a soothing gallery wall above the fireplace, purple chairs, glass coffee tables and an upholstered sofa

A cool gallery wall made with neutral boards and black boards in different sizes and prints is a stylish idea

A double height bedroom with a black wall and large artwork, a white upholstered bed with printed bedding, a chandelier and lamps.

Double height living room with wall gallery, mustard sofa, leather chair, coffee table and potted plants

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A double-height space with a large wall gallery occupying an entire wall, bookcases, a Living Edge table, several chairs and a bright rug.

A beautiful double-height living room with a bold gallery wall, neutral sofa, neutral cushions and beautiful decor.

Amazing living room with glass wall, gallery wall, black and gray furniture, empty coffee table and neutral rug

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

Impressive living room with gray sofa, armchair, coffee table, bold pillow, large gallery wall and chandelier

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A dark bedroom with a black wall, a black bed and nightstands, an upholstered sofa, a large piece of art, and a crystal chandelier.

A clean entrance with dark floors, a black console table and chairs, a large piece of art that takes up most of the wall

White dining area with double high ceiling and wall decorated with wall art, gray table and amber chairs

A tall bookcase with a ladder is another great solution, especially for those who love to read or want a personal library. Take an entire wall with a large bookcase or several, add shelves if needed and turn your space into a magical space! A fireplace enhances the ambiance and makes it exciting!

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A beautiful formal dining room with glass walls, large bookcases, immaculate coffee table, black chairs and bubble lighting.

A bare living room with bookcases lining the entire wall, a messy desk and mismatched chairs, a small plant stand

A modern living room with a large bookcase that takes up an entire wall, the neutrality and grand scale are amazing.

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

A cool and airy living room with a bookcase and two tall windows, a neutral sofa, a gray chair and a brown sun lounger, gold tables and black lamps.

Living Room Wall Decor Design Ideas For Your Home Interiors

A home library with a double-height ceiling and an entire wall occupied by a bookcase, a table next to a glass wall and a reading area with a sofa

A narrow but tall living room with a glass wall, a blue accent wall, a gray sofa, a television, a large bookcase, a staircase and a dirty chair.

Double-height living room with storage space and display unit, neutral seating, black lighting

A neutral living room with two tall bookcases, neutral seating, a wooden coffee table and lots of light

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A neutral living room with a large bookcase and shelves on the walls, a blue sofa with pillows, a coffee table and lots of natural light

A small living room with a small sofa, some coffee tables, tall bookcases and stairs, diamond lamps and neutral curtains

An open layout with a glass wall, a large bookcase, a black sofa, a neutral chair, a coffee table, a walk-in lamp, a dirty table and neutral chairs Walk into a high-rise living room and you’ll immediately hear “oohs ” and “ahaha”. The challenge is figuring out how to decorate the large walls that come out and incorporating the ceilings into the interior design plan. If you need help visualizing your bedroom, design a room online first to avoid the wrong price. In the meantime, here are some tips for decorating tall rooms to make the most of the spacious vertical sanctuary.

Decorating High Walls In Living Room

One of the easiest ways to “reduce” the height of ceilings and walls is to create an illusion. Large rooms that contain furniture and equipment in the lower half can produce a cold, uncomfortable feeling. Painting your ceiling a darker shade than your walls is like reducing the width of the space. Deep shades such as a large spoon and a soft sheen, such as shellac or pearl, will warm and balance a large, open interior. This is also true

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