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Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts – Submit your script to the top 100 production companies looking for scripts. A step-by-step guide on how to submit your screenplay to production companies [includes a FREE e-book with a list of production companies]

Breaks down top television and film producers seeking scripts by genres they produce, contact information, application rules, internship opportunities and more.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

Before you jump for your laptop and crash the script to 100, there are a few rules and best practices to consider. These rules/guidelines are the same as submitting your screenplay elsewhere, such as a screenwriting competition or manager.

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Read on to learn how to submit a script to a production company. Then download the list below and get to work.

How to send production companies looking for scripts. Step 1. Understand what the manufacturing company actually does.

Before you send your script to a production company, it’s probably best to find out what exactly happens in one?

Production companies produce films and TV shows. They are involved in every stage of its creation from script to screen.

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But other people too, obviously. As producers, development managers, directors, cinematographers, editors, set designers, costume designers and so on.

These guys are your golden ticket to get your script into the hands of top producers, development managers, actors, directors, etc.

Although there can be significant overlap between the two, typically a film production company produces the films and the studio finances and/or distributes them.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

Their job is primarily to shoot films of production companies and to try to see as many people as possible.

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This often means that both will be in a long-term relationship with each other, sharing resources, talent and even work on the same side.

This is actually the hardest part of sending a script to a production company is learning how to write a script that will appeal to the producer or performer.

Don’t let anyone at the production company read your application or open your script and see the same old stuff they’ve read a million times before.

Still not sure? Schedule a 30-minute chat with one of our professional screenwriters for less than $100. They will tell you what its advantages are and how to fix possible weaknesses. How to submit a script to a production company. Step #3. Prepare your request.

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A short and sweet introduction about who you are and what your great script is about. This can be done orally or in writing.

A written request is often called a “query letter”—even if you don’t actually write or send the letter.

Whether you’re sending by post or email, you should introduce yourself through your cover letter and apply.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

There is some debate about this, but we personally feel that a cover letter and journal are sufficient. Most production companies will not want to read a synopsis, no matter how short it is. (But you should definitely have it ready in case a director or producer likes the logline and needs more information.)

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(If you need help with your query letter, we have a query polishing service that you can purchase here for $49.)

In the e-book, we list the top 100 production companies looking for scripts that you might want to inquire about.

Don’t be tempted to send your script to all 100 production companies on our list. Instead, narrow the field to those who create similar films from your own script.

If you have a thriller, for example, it probably doesn’t make sense to ask production companies that focus on dramas.

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Sites like IMDb Pro also make it easy to find lists of producers or production companies behind projects similar to yours. Our screenwriting jobs post is a great resource for similar sites where you can find contact information.

First, instead of reporting directly to producers or development managers, you want to target people further down the ladder.

Go to the company website and their names may be listed somewhere. If not, IMDb Pro is again a good option to get their names and contact information.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

(We have not included this information in the Top 100 Production Companies Looking for Scripts eBook because it changes quite regularly.)

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Is it Caitlin or Kaitlyn? John or John? And whatever you do, don’t put in the wrong name because you forgot to change it from another letter/email.

Make each request as personal as possible. Even going so far as to mention something you know they’ll like or their hometown because you followed them on X or LinkedIn…

If your subject line is too general, confusing, grammatically incorrect, or just plain weird, your email may not even get read.

You’d be surprised how many assistants have to read topics like “Submitting your script” or “Can I send you my script?”

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Better yet, if you have any connections, mention them. For example, “After our meeting at Sundance…” or “Paul said I should apply…”

Although sending inquiry letters to dozens of manufacturing companies can be more expensive and time-consuming, it potentially has a higher success rate than email.

There is nothing new about receiving another email titled “Action Script for Your Review”. If it even gets through the spam filter, that is.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

And if that text is well written and has something in it that makes it stand out from the crowd, it might even have a better chance of being read. (If you go this route, go the old-fashioned way by hand writing your name and address on the envelope.)

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It’s worth thinking about, but we understand that it’s not possible for everyone. Especially if you don’t live in the US. It can actually work against you if you live in, say, Slovenia, and they think, “How is this person going to get here for a meeting?”

Perhaps an even better method than sending a letter or email is to pick up the phone and call.

This can help establish a more personal connection with the assistant, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Basically, this means calling an assistant and pitching them your story to get them to read your script.

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Some writers swear by this method and say they would rely on letters and email if they had to.

However, not all writers possess such communication skills. So if you’re in the latter camp, stick to regular mail or email.

Whichever method you choose, list all the manufacturing companies and the names and contact information of all the assistants you want to contact in the spreadsheet.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

Use it to keep track of who you contacted, on what date, what the outcome was, and what you will do next.

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It’s important to watch out for things like this because you don’t want to risk applying to the same production company twice.

Some people would actually prefer that you send the script right away rather than a draft. Some may accept hard copies, while others may not. Some may be fine with not having an agent, while others will insist on it.

(Note: You shouldn’t take this as gospel. Many writers have read their scripts, ignoring the production company’s “no junk” warning and asking for them anyway.)

I like it. There are no hard and fast rules here, but you can avoid posting on Monday when everyone is swamped with weekend cramming.

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We would avoid that weekend atmosphere we have on Friday. And the weekend itself, of course. Oh, and the weeks leading up to and following major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are also not good for handovers to manufacturing companies.

Once you’ve sent your inquiry letter by post or hit send on your inquiry email, forget about it.

If you start pestering them about what’s going on after a few days, you’ll lose your chances.

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

However, if a month goes by without a response, write them a polite email asking if they’ve had a chance to look at your request.

Send Your Script To 100 Top Production Companies [download List]

Silence and rejection are by far the two most popular reactions to any production presentation.

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? But it shouldn’t be. It’s just part of the process and completely normal.

So don’t worry. And definitely not just give up. Instead, think about why you might be rejected.

If you don’t hear anything, it could be one of these three options. Maybe your email or letter got lost? Or did your topic not engage them? Or is your logline/concept not original enough?

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In fact, the latter option is the number one reason writers get rejected all the time – their work just isn’t good enough.

It’s important to get a second set of eyes on your query letter/email, invoice, and script before you send them anywhere.

There are many excellent scenario consultants and analysts out there. If you want our help, we have a team of professional screenwriters who can provide you with:

Film Companies That Accept Unsolicited Scripts

The most important aspect of getting someone interested in an inquiry. The idea for your movie or TV show should sound original and exciting enough to make them want to read it

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