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Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners – Our Montana fly anglers are looking forward to another great fly fishing season on the Missouri River in Montana. Anglers joining us in 2021 will have a lot to look forward to: steady flows that should make for great fly fishing in May and June on the Missouri River, solid snowpack that should provide another season of wonderful fleas in the summer , exclusive exclusive water. offers small streams and adventure trips on nearby freestone rivers.

Special winter and spring trips have been a hit this year and we look forward to being on the water every day in April 2021. Anglers can enjoy great fly fishing at a discounted price. We still have good guides and lodging availability for April, contact us today to book your Missouri River Spring fly fishing trip.

Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

With the high season right around the corner, we are excited to see many of our longtime anglers in May and June who were unable to join us in 2020. Our Missouri River Base Camp trips are popular with our anglers and our fishing guides and we look forward to great days on the Missouri River, Dearborn River and more.

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Accommodation will be limited in 2021, as the main dates are already mostly booked for May, June and July. We encourage you to book your trip in advance and contact us today to start the booking process. All-inclusive lodging packages at the Missouri River Ranch and the Lodge at Eagle Rock are the best options, with good availability for May and early June.

Can’t make it until fall? Fall fly fishing trips on the Missouri River are always a popular time for our anglers and guides with great fly fishing and plenty of solitude from mid-September through October and November. Dry fly fishing has to be seen to be believed.

We are proud to work with the most dedicated and professional fly fishing guides on the Missouri River and are excited to provide our anglers with the best fly fishing experiences on the Missouri River in 2021. Contact us to learn more and book your next fly fishing trip trip on the missouri river.

Contact us to learn more about fly fishing on the Missouri River with Montana Angling in 2021 and book your next fly fishing trip today!

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Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

We offer full-day and half-day trips, as well as swimming and wading options, suitable for both experienced and novice anglers. Book your fly fishing trip with our professional guides.

Wyoming Fly Fishing Trips

Our Montana fly fishing trips are the best way to start or build your Montana fly fishing trip. Enjoy unique travel deals and Montana’s best rivers with our Montana Fly Fishing Guides.

Take advantage of special prices on spring and winter fly fishing trips to Montana. Enjoy the same great fly fishing, world class rivers and professional guides all year round.

Enjoy custom fly fishing gear and expert guidance throughout Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Learn more about all of our fly fishing trips in Montana. We offer a variety of different fly fishing trips around the world. Our main focus is fly fishing expeditions in Germany and Europe. Most of our German fly fishing trips last 2-3 days (extended weekend trips), while our international fly fishing trips are usually 1-2 weeks. And whether it’s fly-fishing licenses, equipment rental, guide services or accommodation: we’ll help you with everything you need – so you can focus exclusively on fishing!

Below is a summary of our upcoming fly fishing trips. For more detailed travel information, free slots or prices, contact us!

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Our first German fly fishing destinations are the so-called “Fränkische Schweiz”. A very traditional German fly fishing area with lots of castles, ruins and incredible fly fishing grounds! The area is also known for its great food and countless local breweries. Here you have the opportunity to capture the real great German colors, European rainbows and grays.

We organize many weekend trips to this destination every year. Our first trip takes place in March and the last at the end of October.

If you are interested in more detailed travel information, all upcoming tour dates – or vacancies, just send us an e-mail.

Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

Rügen represents perhaps the best that Europe can offer! This island contains many large areas of brackish water, which has caused the peak to grow very quickly, it is very large in this area. If you enjoy wading wide, shallow flats and catching wild predators on big stripers – look no further!

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Welcome to Germany’s most beautiful fly fishing region. Complementing the stunning landscape with a historically charged background, you can experience some pretty fun fly fishing in the Elbe Sandstones. And although the fish here do not reach very large average sizes, you will usually catch a decent amount of fish. You can come across grayling, trout and even salmon here.

If you are interested in more details, exact tour dates or free places – write to us!

Looking for a saltwater fly fishing adventure? Then you can join us at one of our seasonal sea trout camps in the Baltic Sea. However, weather conditions and stable casting may need to be overcome if you want to be rewarded with “Baltic Silver”. We will go to Als Island (DK) for our trout camp. Especially during our spring and autumn expeditions, we record regular and large catches here.

Swedish Lapland is probably one of the wildest and least populated areas in all of Europe. The sun doesn’t set in this area during (mid) summer, which makes it a completely unique experience and allows us to fish pretty much 24 hours a day – and the fly fishing in this area is simply amazing! There are no stocked fish here – only wild salmon-like fish that thrive here. We fish primarily for arctic grayling and wild brown trout – but occasional catches of grayling are also possible. We offer two different fly fishing expeditions in Swedish Lapland (both lasting approx. 1 week).

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We live in comfortable cabins (fully insured) and take daily fishing trips on various rivers in the area.

We will be dropped off (and picked up) in the most remote fishing areas, sleep in tents and cook by the fire… WILD!

The Seychelles are a group of islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean that are probably among the most popular sea fly fishing destinations. For example, Farquhar Atoll or Alphonse Island are known all over the world. However, the prices for fly-fishing these exclusive atolls are correspondingly high! So we thought, isn’t there a more affordable way to fly fly in the Seychelles? And yes – there is! Working with a local travel agency, we booked a posh residence and had a surprisingly great fly fishing experience! During our Seychelles fly fishing we mainly fish the open flats (for a huge variety of saltwater species) and during the low tide we go deeper for the real big guns. We pay for car rental, breakfast and lunch, and accommodation. In addition, our guides will give you a solid introduction (in terms of equipment selection, fishing techniques, etc.) and will also be waiting for you throughout the trip.

Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

If you’re looking for wine, saltwater and fighting species of fish (at a great price) – look no further! Using an outdated browser makes your computer insecure. For a safer, faster and more enjoyable user experience, update your browser today or try a newer browser.

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Our beginner fly fishing trips in NC are tailored to each client. The trip can be set up as 1/2, 3/4 or full and includes casting, knot tying, bug/fly identification, water reading, fly rod rigging and hopefully catching and releasing your first trout on the fly. We also like working with children. We have been mentoring clients since the age of six. All equipment is provided on all our trips, as well as drinks and food on our 1/2 and 3/4 day trips. Our guides can accommodate up to three anglers on larger streams and up to two anglers on smaller streams. Beginner fishing trips can cover the Great Smoky areas

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