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Growth Mindset Activity For Students

Growth Mindset Activity For Students – What kind of mentality does a child need to grow up? How to teach first grade students a growth mindset? What growth mindset activities should I include in my classroom?

The growth mindset has taken the world by storm, and it has a place in the classroom as well. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite child development activities you can use with your students. By creating growth mindset classrooms and incorporating growth mindset activities for children into our school routines, we help students build a foundation for self-esteem and success.

Growth Mindset Activity For Students

Growth Mindset Activity For Students

What exactly is a growth mindset? If you’re unfamiliar with a growth mindset, here’s a quick overview. It explores the idea that some of us have a “fixed mindset,” meaning we believe our abilities are fixed and there’s nothing we can do about it. Others have a “growth mindset,” which means they believe they can learn, grow, and become better at almost anything.

Growth Mindset Writing Activity 2

Carol Dweck is a leader in growth mindset research. But he said it’s more than just putting in the effort to show improvement. While persistence is certainly a hallmark of working with a growth mindset, it also means embracing challenges and even enjoying them rather than running away from them.

But you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with my students?” Researchers are very interested in the impact of a growth mindset on students in the classroom. Don’t we want our students to be excited about challenges, excited about learning new things, and to persist through difficult stages of growth? Yes, we did it! A growth mindset can help solve all of these problems.

As teachers, we want to think about how we can incorporate growth mindset classroom activities throughout the school year. Back-to-school season is an ideal time to start, but these activities can really be done any time of year and still be very effective.

Luckily, there are lots of really fun ways to incorporate these mindset development activities for kids! Crafts, classroom activities, read-alouds, and anchor charts are my favorites. You can get a full list of my favorite growth mindsets here.

Change Your Mindset: Growth Mindset Activities For The Classroom: Grades 1 2

Here are some engaging and fun growth mindset activities you can try in your classroom this year!

Teaching students vocabulary to help them understand “fixed mindset” versus “growth mindset” is an ideal place to start. I like that this anchor chart has examples in both languages ​​so students can clearly understand these different ways of thinking.

A fun way to make this a whole-class activity is to read the statement aloud and ask students to decide which side to take.

Growth Mindset Activity For Students

This adorable crown features a beautiful poem to help remind students that just because they’re not there yet doesn’t mean they won’t get there!

Growth Mindset Interactive Activity

Crowns are always a hit in my classroom! Students will enjoy decorating these fun crowns as they set goals for something they can’t do yet.

Creating a growth mindset bulletin board is a great activity for the whole class. You could give them a “fixed mindset” statement and ask them to think about how to turn it into a “growth mindset” statement!

Additionally, the bulletin board serves as a long-term visual reminder to students of the importance of using a growth mindset.

Setting goals is a great growth mindset exercise for our students. It helps them feel responsible for their learning and look forward to challenges more. This craft is great because it reminds your students that not all goals are easy. Sometimes the goals we set require more time and effort, and that’s okay!

Growth Mindset Unit

The word “yet” is so powerful for your students! This is a great way to turn disappointing moments into positive sunshine. You can use the word “however” as a common phrase in your classroom. Whenever someone gets stuck, remind them, “You can’t do this

This anchor chart helps students think about what they want to accomplish, and adding the word “but” can make those goals more achievable!

Help your students turn negative thoughts into positive ones with this fun craft. Students paste the “Fixed Mindset” statement onto the gray side of their brain, then find the opposite statement and paste it onto the “Growth Mindset” side of their brain!

Growth Mindset Activity For Students

The messages we convey to each other are important. In fact, many growth mindset campaigns and books focus on messaging. Do we tell ourselves things from a “fixed mindset” perspective? Or the “growth mindset” perspective?

Growth Mindset Activity / Teaching Grit Activity / Application / Reflection #4

This fortune teller is filled with messages that encourage a growth mindset for students to use when they’re feeling stuck. They can do this with friends, or alone when they need a word of encouragement.

This is a fun way to get students talking and thinking about growth mindset in class. The cubes have different questions and conversation starters on the topic of growth mindset. Divide students into pairs or small groups and have them discuss these different ideas!

Sometimes your students forget how much they already know! Do they remember how long it took them to learn to walk? Or master their alphabet? Now these things have become second nature to them!

This growth mindset technique helps us look back at things that are easy now and look forward to things that seem difficult now. But with practice and persistence, these difficult things will become easier one day!

Mindset Activity Kit

These growth mindset coloring sheets are so fun! While I wouldn’t use them on their own, I think they would make a great addition to some other activities. These can be conveniently used year-round to keep growth mindset phrases fresh and familiar.

Hopefully this gives you some good ideas to start thinking about classroom growth! These mindset development activities for kids are important in helping your students have a positive mindset and believe in their ability to learn.

Do you know what is one of the biggest factors in the success of students with a growth mindset?

Growth Mindset Activity For Students

The growth mindset of their teachers! If we believe they can grow and learn, they are more likely to do it!

Free Printable Growth Mindset Worksheets For All Ages

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Speaking of growth mindset, I want to show you some new activities to help students understand growth mindset.

The Growth Mindset Game: A Fun Sel Activity About Grit And Resilience

Discussion cards are a great way to get students thinking about their thinking and growth mindset. Discussion cards create lots of great conversations for students.

You can use discussion cards to “take turns talking” with your neighbors or discuss as a whole group to generate information for an anchor chart created by the class.

Reading aloud is also a great way to introduce a growth mindset to students. Here are some great ones!

Growth Mindset Activity For Students

Sorting the mindset cards is a great way for students to practice differentiating between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset Classroom On Pinterest Growth Mindset Activities K1kafr Quote

After the class completes the classification, students can independently practice distinguishing by coloring words that represent growth mindset.

Alternatively, students can work with a partner to complete this spin-off game in which they identify growth versus fixed mindset.

I think imagination is very important for students. This barbell skill gives students the visual they need. It helps them realize that a growth mindset is the same as exercising your brain… encouraging it to grow and strengthen.

Of course, the Internet is also very important for students. Here are some writing activities students can do.

Growth Mindset Picture Books Already On Your Shelf

You can keep this anchor chart available year-round to remind your students to always use their growth mindset!

You can find all the growth mindset activities here, or pin the image below to save ideas for later. I like to start the new year by building community in my classroom by reading Peter H. Reynold books like The Dot and Ish. They are great read-aloud books to start a growth mindset activity. Both books are great for teaching children

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