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Hec Master Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Hec Master Innovation And Entrepreneurship – HEC Paris and Coursera are launching the first fully online international degree program, the Online Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OMIE). The leading European business school has created this degree in collaboration with Coursera, the world’s leading online learning platform. The program is designed for current and future business leaders who want to drive innovation in their organizations or launch new businesses. Applications are now open for the first intake of students with classes starting in September 2017.

According to HEC Paris dean Peter Todd, the need for courses designed for entrepreneurial and innovative leaders is greater than ever: “This new online degree meets the needs of the ever-changing and fast-paced business world. In 2013, we were the first business school in France to launch a massive open online course on the Coursera platform.” In fact, HEC Paris’ newer ability to create open courses will now be used to develop a fully online degree for the entire world.

Hec Master Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Hec Master Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Coursera CEO Rick Levine hopes that OMIE will make learning from a top business school around the world accessible to people: “The unique, stackable credential-based curriculum allows participants to take advantage of any level of study. They can choose a course, decide to specialize in a program or start a full degree.”

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The online Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be as selective as all other HEC Paris degrees. But it’s also designed to be flexible, allowing prospective students to start learning right away with open enrollment lessons on the Coursera platform. Once accepted, the qualifications can be credited towards the qualification.

“Participants will leave the program ready to start their own business or to innovate in existing organizations. This is a great opportunity to get an HEC Master’s degree and join the exclusive network of HEC alumni”, explains Peter Todd.

Students will work as a team for six months on a project of their choice, from the planning stages to the realization of the idea. They will be mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who will meet with them once a week. Successful graduates will be able to take their project to its next stage by applying for seed funding from HEC Paris and their project will be implemented in the HEC incubator located at Station F, the largest startup campus in the world.

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The event is jointly organized by Thomas Åstebro and Carlos Serrano, both of whom are Hello! They are both affiliated with the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences in Paris.

And before December 14th and 15th, you can also attend the 12th Paris Entrepreneurship Workshop, another entrepreneurship-focused conference in Paris organized by finance professors Johan Hombert and Jessica Jeffers.

Leonard Busiu (University of Washington and MIT), Jacqueline N. Lane* (Harvard Business School), Miaomiao Zhang (Harvard Business School),

Hec Master Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Vladimir Yakimovich (Harvard Business School) and Karim R. Lakhani (Harvard Business School) Speaker: Amon Salter (Warwick Business School)

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14:15 – 15:05 – GPTs are GPTs: a first look at the impact of large language patterns on the labor market

Authors: Taina Elundu (OpenAI), Sam Manning (OpenAI and OpenResearch), Pamela Mishkin* (OpenAI) and Daniel Rock (University of Pennsylvania)

Authors: Maja S. Svanberg (MIT), Wensu Li (MIT), Martin Fleming (The Productivity Institute), Brian C. Goehring (IBM Institute for Business Value) and Neil C. Thompson* (MIT)

Participants: Sunny Qian Chen (Director of Global Marketing, United Robotics Group) Benedict Fischer (Strategist and UX Researcher, Waymo) Dr. Lobna Karui (President, AI Exponential Thinker) Andrea Pignataro (Founder and CEO, ION) Moderator: Peter Fischer (Paris) ))

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The duration of the speakers is 50 minutes: the presentation of the speakers is 30 minutes, the discussion is 10 minutes and the questions and answers are 10 minutes.

One of the best business schools in the world, Paris is a leader in research and management education. The school is located on a 340-hectare forest campus on the Paris-Saclay plateau, which houses one of the largest research, education and technology centers in the world. Double degree (HEC): Master of Science (MSc) awarded by TUM + Master of Management from Grande Ecole awarded by HEC Paris

Double Degree Track (Calgary): Master (MSc) awarded by TUM + Master of Management awarded by the University of Calgary.

Hec Master Innovation And Entrepreneurship

The aim of the Management and Innovation (MSc) program is to train future innovation managers. The program is aimed at young professionals with some initial work experience who want to bridge the gap between management and technology. Graduates of this English program have the ability to promote innovation in organizations.

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The TUM Track starts with general management courses at the TUM Heilbronn campus. You will be surrounded by the small and medium-sized companies that make Germany the economic engine of Europe and you will receive in-depth training in management at our new campus in Heilbronn. The program will include company visits, real work projects, networking events and small group discussions with faculty. Students discover their strengths by working in diverse groups, in close contact with experts in the heart of the beautiful hills and vineyards of Heilbronn. With numerous higher education institutions and a history of family business culture, Heilbronn is a rising star among German university towns. In the second semester, you will apply your knowledge in a real project at one of the small or medium-sized companies in the region, gain international experience during a three-week stay abroad at a TUM partner university, and complete an internship.

The Double Degree Track (HEC) leads to degrees from two of Europe’s most prestigious universities, TUM and HEC Paris. Do you want to understand Europe’s two largest economies and develop your skills as an innovator on both sides of the Rhine? Your first year in the French powerhouse will introduce you to HEC’s legendary management curriculum and offer you opportunities for interesting projects and internships in French companies. Throughout its 140-year history, HEC Paris has attracted talented people who are innovative, entrepreneurial, ambitious and open-minded. The huge campus is located behind the Palace of Versailles, with many extracurricular activities.

Build your transcontinental profile by earning degrees from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business and TUM within two years. On the Double Degree Track (Calgary), you will spend your first year at Haskayn developing a comprehensive knowledge of business fundamentals and making connections in the Canadian business community. Meanwhile, you’ll hone your skills through networking events, live case studies, and mentoring in a modern metropolis around the Rockies. The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s leading research institutions. Join a rich international community committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that allows you to excel.

Whichever direction you follow, you will spend your third semester in Munich taking course modules such as innovation prototypes, technology trends and growth strategies and business models. You will develop your personal and leadership skills and work on real projects at start-ups or large companies in Munich. The fourth semester is dedicated to writing your master’s thesis – an opportunity to immerse yourself in a topic that interests you and would.

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