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Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

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Appealing a Liberty Mutual Disability or other long-term disability decision can take several months, depending on the level of appeal.

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

Disability benefits provide a safety net for people who become disabled or ill, or cannot work for other medical reasons. Long-term disability insurance is a specific type of coverage that covers a portion of a worker’s income for an extended period of time after they become seriously injured or ill.

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Unlike worker’s compensation, disability insurance provides benefits even if the injury is not on the job. For example, if an employee breaks their leg at work, they will likely receive workers’ compensation. However, if they break their leg in a car accident and are unable to work during treatment, they may be covered by a disability insurance policy.

Various conditions are also eligible for coverage under most policies. According to, qualifying conditions can include musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders, cancer, injuries, heart or circulatory problems, mental disorders, nervous system disorders, pregnancy and more.

As the name suggests, this insurance covers long-term disability. Instead, short-term illnesses or injuries will be covered by short-term disability insurance, which will include coverage for long-term disability after the short term ends.

These disability policies will usually pay a percentage of the insured person’s wages during the period during which he is unable to work. Generally, long-term disability insurance will cover between 50 percent and 70 percent of an employee’s earnings. These benefits can be available anywhere between 10 and 53 weeks after the disabling event. However, the coverage and time period will vary depending on the insurance provider and the plan chosen. According to, better benefits usually mean pricier premiums.

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In many situations, an employer will provide short-term and long-term disability benefits to its employees. However, some employees may find these benefits coverage substandard and may seek a supplemental, supplemental disability policy. This can be done through private insurance providers like Liberty Mutual, Northwestern Mutual, Inam and others.

Most disability insurance companies will require a medical examination before approving coverage. This includes taking the applicant’s height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, as well as blood and urine samples. A technician will also obtain the applicant’s medical history.

Pending medical procedures, unresolved treatments, unknown medical conditions or underlying problems may not qualify for disability insurance. However, something as simple as dizziness or fatigue can also cause a refusal.

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

If a consumer is able to obtain long-term disability insurance through their employer or a third party, they can feel protected in the event of a significant injury or illness. However, the claims process for disability coverage can be long, painful and uncertain.

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If a person is injured or becomes ill, they can file a disability claim under their long-term disability policy.

These claims will usually include information about the claimant’s employment, evaluation, and any documentation about them. Documents may include statements from employers, doctors, occupational therapists, or others.

After filing a disability claim, claimants generally must wait for their “termination period.” All policies have a waiting period for when disability begins and when benefits can begin. The length of the elimination period will vary. Some periods are between 30 and 90 days while others are between 180 and 365.

Even after a long period of time has passed, claimants may want to file a claim with their insurance company immediately after becoming disabled. This will help reduce processing time and additional steps required before disbursement of benefits.

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Unfortunately, long-term disability claims may not always be approved. There are several reasons an insurance provider may deny a claim, including:

Some of these denial reasons can be quickly resolved with additional documentation provided in the appeal. However, other denials may require a more thorough appeal.

Unfortunately, many first-time disability applications are denied. Although the denial of a disability application can be a stressful event, it is only the first step in the process of receiving disability benefits and payments.

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

Claimants whose initial long-term disability insurance applications are denied may at least be able to file an appeal. Most first-time disability applications are denied. This happens with all types of policies, including Liberty Mutual Disability policies.

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If your Liberty Mutual Disability or other disability claim is denied, you can appeal.

The first step in starting an appeal is to get a copy of your disability benefits policy. Reviewing this policy can help clarify why your request was denied and help you file your appeal. Reviewing the denial letter your insurer sent you can also help with your appeal. The denial letter should include the reasons for denying your claim, as well as important dates and deadlines for filing an appeal.

If an employee’s claim for Liberty Mutual Disability or other disability benefits is denied, they can appeal the decision.

The first step in an appeal should be to obtain a copy of the policy, study the denial letter, and consider hiring a qualified attorney to help you appeal the long-term disability decision. All these steps can help you create a game plan to appeal to employees.

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Claims

Next, the employee may want to support their case with additional documents. This means obtaining medical records, requesting referral letters or expert testimony, asking doctors for written opinions, and even more tests if they support the appeal.

These actions can take weeks to months, but generally must be completed within the 180-day administrative appeal period. If an appeal takes longer than that time, workers may be automatically denied and may not even be able to take legal action against the insurer because they have not exhausted all administrative options.

Because the disability appeal process can be long and confusing, hiring a qualified attorney to help with your case can increase your chances of receiving disability benefits. A qualified disability benefits attorney will help you prepare the necessary documents for your appeal as well as make sure you meet important deadlines. Additionally, having only one lawyer to represent you can highlight the seriousness of your case.

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

It is important to ensure that you have as much favorable evidence as possible to support your case. This evidence can include letters from doctors explaining your disability, medical tests and records, and testimony from family or friends. It is especially important for this testimony to include an explanation of your inability to adequately perform the functions of your job because of your disability.

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However, appeals for these disability benefits can take a long time. Each year, about 6 percent of American workers will experience an injury or illness that qualifies them for short-term disability, causing delays in disability cases and appeals. Having a qualified attorney help you with your case can make the process easier and faster.

If your appeal is also denied, you may be allowed to file another appeal. If this appeal is also denied, you can file a lawsuit against your insurer in federal court.

Most disability insurance companies require policyholders to exhaust all their appeals before filing a lawsuit. However, many insurance companies have faced legal action for denying disability claims. Some plaintiffs claim their claims were denied without proper review, while others say the insurance companies had no justification for denying their claims.

A long-term disability denial lawsuit can help plaintiffs recover additional damages, interest, and other forms of compensation in addition to the benefits they believe they are owed under the terms of their policy.

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If your application to Liberty Mutual Disability or another disability insurance company was denied, you can hire an experienced attorney to help you file an appeal. Even if you don’t need to file a lawsuit against your disability insurance company, a qualified attorney can help you gather the necessary documents for your case and make sure your appeal is valid. Filed properly and on time.

These qualified legal experts are experienced in the field of insurance appeals and know the best ways to get appeals approved. An attorney can help take some of the stress out of contacting an insurance company on your behalf when you’re dealing with a disability.

If an insurance company has denied your long-term disability insurance claim within the past 180 days, a knowledgeable insurance attorney can help you file an appeal.

Liberty Mutual Long Term Disability Policy

If you qualify, an attorney will contact you to discuss the details of your potential case free of charge.

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