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Modern Farmhouse Grey Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Grey Living Room – The living room/family room is one of the most important rooms in the house. But how do you know if it’s the right amount of ‘happy’? I’ve compiled a list of must-haves to pick up, text and elevate your space.

If you can’t show how good your stay is then you probably don’t have the right place to stay. Try to find a sofa or sectional that not only suits your palette but more importantly suits your space and your family. Think of the amount of space for sleeping, cuddling, putting up tired legs and room for an endless bowl of popcorn. Personally, I think it’s also important to consider damage – does the material clean well? Will the paint show dirt? Will my dog ​​and/or child spill/sweep/all its contents? Our sectional shown here is the Hodon from Ashley Furniture.

Modern Farmhouse Grey Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Grey Living Room

Choose a table that will have the strength to put the legs but also take Chinese. It must be easy to navigate and have options for additional storage. I like desks that have a bottom so I can put baskets on the bottom that will hold all the loose items like cell phones, phone chargers, iPads and anything else you don’t want sitting out.

Contemporary Meets Refined Home Aesthetics: 30 Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

I have to make this #1 because the mattress is the foundation of a comfortable living room. It is what will create the ‘pleasure’ layers. light weight, textured but neutral for our family space. Easy to move, clean and add light, softness and comfort. Combine with any colorful chair or table. Get this vintage rug HERE from my friends at Plush Rugs, who helped me out so much to complete our new living room!

Electricity, wall art, candles, greenery, throw pillows, openwork and anything that adds texture but not too much. For a modern farmhouse touch, add a chandelier that has wood and metal accents. Wall art should be something that you enjoy looking at every day; I love my mother Theresa Amar Quote from my friend Maggie, owner of Hunt and Gather. But you can never go wrong with a gallery wall to display your family. Poufs are my favorite way to add texture, depth and more seating to a living room; this is amazing if you have a small space and not a lot of living space! The modern gray farmhouse is one of our favorite family spaces. This is where the children play, where we welcome guests, and where we have family movie nights. The living room is an important place, I want to get it right for our family. These steps will help create the inviting room you want. When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful, comfortable and inviting space, from start to finish!

I have shared with you a neutral color that we have used throughout our home. This is an important area in determining the overall look and feel of your home. For the living room, we took Gray Agreeable from the kitchen. This great color decided before getting well, which is beneficial because we can choose gray tones or beige tones in the sofa. We decided to add a gray sofa and the accepted Gray helps to give the room a warm tone.

I always think it is important to use neutral colors on the walls. This allows you to add more interesting colors through accents, wall decorations and furniture. This also allows you to change things easily without having to redo the entire room every time you want a change.

Cozy Modern Farmhouse Living Room — Balkanina

Our color scheme is Greige, Grey, Navy, and Soft Blues. This creates a relaxing space that is quiet and inviting for guests to gather and visit.

Next, if you already have furniture that you will use a base paint color in these tones. You want to choose furniture that complements the setting. People of different sizes should compliment each other. Our main area is combined with a small sofa and a side table. This keeps the room from feeling small and crowded. The unit is also removed from the wall about 1 foot in front of the window wall and the back wall (above the sofa table). This allows a better balance of space in the room and creates an intimate space for conversation. If the room is large, this may not be the best choice.

It helps to break the room into zones for decoration. In our living room I have three zones; console table / sofa, side wall with sofa / table, then fireplace / tv area.

Modern Farmhouse Grey Living Room

Try to choose pieces and accent walls that are similar in style, color, and tone. This will allow the room to be connected throughout.

Boho Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Whether you have the back of your couch near the door of your room or on the far wall, a video game table is a great place to add light and decor to your room. Our room is rectangular and I needed a place to display the decorations and light on the side of the room. I couldn’t find a table that fit our portion size, so we decided to make one! There are many online tutorials on how to make a table, we chose the one we liked and adjusted the measurements to suit our needs.

Once the table is built, we place two lamps at each end and then we fill them with vases, trunks, and small objects (such as books, boxes, ornaments, frames) to fill the space. One common mistake I see when decorating a long space, is using too few things. This may look poor and unbalanced to the rest of the room. Using small items that are the right size (correct to size) will help give your room a nice look.

This has the largest wall space in the room, so I feel that it needs something to be the focal point and match the size of the wall. I got this 3 piece set at Kirkland and it really helps tie in the wood/metal ottoman/side table and helps with the soft wood tones. A gallery wall or large artwork will also work well on a large blank wall.

Here you can see how we used the white wash technique and the second technique to add texture and variety to the bricks to get the perfect fireplace look. This helped refresh this basic part of the room from the eyes it had and made a big difference! The TV is on our mantel and I decided to keep the decor simple and not interfere with the viewing area.

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One of the first decorative items you should decide on is your curtains. This will help you decide on a color scheme for the rest of the room. Drapes are a great way to introduce print and color into your room. They can be easily changed too. The floral curtains we used in the living room have blue and gray tones that I can incorporate through the rest of the room.

: Always hang your curtains as high as possible and slightly outside the window. This will help increase the height in the room and increase the visual space of the window. Skirts can fall up and down (within half an inch), straight down, or tied together depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

After choosing curtains and color tones for the rest of the room, find accessories that will help you carry these colors in the room. Blankets and pillows can be used in the same color or tone. You can stay neutral or you can add bold colors through these items as well. As a general rule on how many sofa cushions to get, use 3 pillows for a small sofa, 5 for a large sofa, and seven to nine for a large one. This really varies on personal taste and how much firmness, fullness, and variety you want from a throw pillow.

Modern Farmhouse Grey Living Room

As mentioned above, these should be the right size and match the overall theme of the room. Combine your colors or accent colors in the room. This is a great place to mix accent colors with wood tones for warmth or white/black as an accent too. Pots, flowers, vases, scrap metal, books, boxes, figurines, and candles

Farmhouse Living Room Designs

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