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Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico

Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico – Whether you live in Puerto Rico or are just visiting, checking out the area’s amazing bars and nightclubs is a sure way to spice up your time! Puerto Rico has a lively nightlife, full of small and medium-sized clubs that create a very active environment.

Although San Juan is known for some of the best nightclubs in Puerto Rico, there are still many hidden gems in other cities (as long as you know where to look). are here to help you find the perfect spot for a great night out, and you’ll find information on free guest lists, bottle service and more.

Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico

Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico

7eight7 is San Juan’s most popular nightclub, a perfect place for revelers, hedonists and party animals to come together and enjoy all the pleasures of life. The international DJs they bring are characterized by the latest audio and video equipment, so the place can’t be had fun.

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Revamped by Mark Lehmkul, BRAVA brings people together with stylish decor and creative lighting paired with their state-of-the-art music system to create a dynamic atmosphere that can rival the world famous club.

The famous El Boricua in Rio Piedra is in the lively corner of this unique university town. For local students, this cultural center is one of the best ways to relax with a beer, listen to live music, play in the pool and dance salsa at night.

La Respuesta has been the center of Puerto Rico’s independent music industry since 2000, providing a space for free thought and expression that immerses its guests in music and inspiring art.

La Factoria is not your typical bar. Designed with hidden compartments leading to 6 bars, each with a unique design. La Factoria is one of the 50 best clubs in the world and one of the best clubs in Puerto Rico. It lives up to its name with a lively atmosphere, reasonably priced food and drinks, and great salsa music that makes it hard to stop dancing.

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Clubs in Puerto Rico are open between 21:00 and 23:00. You should check the opening hours of individual clubs before you go.

The closing time of nightclubs in Puerto Rico varies by location. Closing times for Puerto Rican nightclubs vary from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM, with some clubs such as La Factoria closing at 12:00 AM.

Yes! Puerto Rico has many small and large clubs to choose from, as well as great night spots for those who want to dance the night away.

Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico

The best nightclubs in Puerto Rico are 7eight7, Club Brava, El Boricua Rio Piedras, La Respuesta and La Factoria.

Eight7 Night Club

The most important thing to consider is how much you are willing to pay. Entry fees to clubs range from $10 to $30+; However, some clubs like 7eight7 have a guest list that you can join for free. If you decide to purchase a bottling service, you can expect to spend at least $400-$5,000+. Once inside, beers are $5-$8 and cocktails $9-$13+ depending on what you order. You should spend money before you go partying at Puerto Rican clubs so you don’t end up with a bill you can’t afford.

Sharp clothes are always clubbed in Puerto Rico. Boys should wear a fitted, collared shirt and trousers. Girls have more freedom in their clothes, but they have to look pretty.

By joining the guest list, you avoid the insurance fee and get free access to the club. All you have to do is find the nightclub on the guest list, choose the date you want to go, fill in the basic information and receive the confirmation document.

Currently the only club in Puerto Rico with an open guest list is 7eight7 and you can sign up for the 7eight7 guest list here.

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Table service is fun when you go clubbing with a group of friends (or make up). The bottle service allows you to reserve a private table if you agree to spend the night, called “low interest” or “minutes”. The cost of bottling services usually starts at $400-$500 and goes up to over $5,000.

You can book table service with our free mobile app. If you are using a desktop, you can use our online app to book bottle service in Puerto Rico.

Some clubs in Puerto Rico have a guest list that allows you to enter the venue for free. You can find nightclubs on the open guest list and you can sign up for them with a free application.

Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico

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Night Club In San Juan Puerto Rico

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A View Of The La Riviera Night Club In San Juan, Puerto Rico. News Photo

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The nightclubs are booming with house music. Dive bars with karaoke and cheap beer. People dance in the street while the drummers dance. Salsa dancing in the street. The party scene in San Juan is very good. The venues offer live shows, bands, artists, DJs and happy hours every night of the week – and every night something different is going on.

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