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Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions – But many unpublished authors fear that their book will never be considered by a publisher. I’ve signed up with two book publishers and no one has found my book through editing submissions. Recently, I started working with an amazing editor to prepare the book for my sci-fi-space opera novel.

The marketing process that leads to your ultimate goal of self-fulfillment is a long one with many twists and turns. The method you choose is up to you, but for those who prefer to go the traditional route of publishing with a publishing company,  here is a list of publishers willing to accept your unsolicited articles. Some big names, some small household names. Although not open to junk mail at this particular time, including publishing houses whose phones are open from time to time. Make sure the publisher is open before sending.

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

Do your research on these homes before submitting an application or signing a contract. Do not create a single template to send to all publishers as a spam mail. Carefully review their requirements, other book titles, and editor’s notes to create a suitable submission for the home. Let it marinate for a few days before shipping. If the publisher is looking for work that matches your book, don’t waste time submitting.

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If you have other publishers to add to this list, or if you think a publisher is not included for some reason, please comment below. Special thanks to two other #writingresource websites: and Ten years ago, you would never have considered publishing your book traditionally without an agent. But these days, the sky’s the limit for writers.

While there are many advantages to self-publishing a book, you know there’s something so compelling about writing a book that a publishing company wants to sell on its own. Maybe you’re one of the many authors who prefers to publish a book the traditional way, or you want to give self-publishing a try.

If you’ve ever considered looking for publishing companies to review one of your books, you can find a literary agent, or there are many legitimate publishing companies that accept submissions from writers without agents!

Warning: As you all know, I have never been published. So, I want to let you know that the content below is research based and does not mean I have used the publishers below. You can search for publishers and agents on websites like, or

Top Canadian Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

Looking to format your article for a publisher but can’t afford to spend on a formatting program? Download my free formatting templates for Microsoft Word and customize them today!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who write quality articles with little research into what other people say, and no first-hand knowledge of the devices in question (or worse, have an AI write them). Not so here.

As someone who has been publishing books for over 13 years, I have seen many companies come and go (many of which are scams). There are always the big companies that everyone knows, but it’s hard to get on your doorstep, and there are so many smaller options.

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

However, choosing the right publishing company is not just about choosing the most popular one. It’s about finding the fit.

Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

So, to create a high-level picture of the best publishing companies out there, I sent out surveys to my readers and talked to some of the industry’s heavyweights—many of whom I’ve mentored. .

From what I’ve seen, the results from those surveys, and talking to some of the most famous writers out there, I feel strongly that this is a topic I can really handle.

So, with that, let’s move on to a list of what I think are the best reading tools for writers.

I understand that if you shoot for the Big 5 publishers, they are the most popular publishers, but they are incredibly selective. They only look at jobs that come through agents. For writers like you and me, our writing needs to be unique and relevant to popular genres. Fiction writers need a unique angle, marketing strategies and a solid platform.

Submissions To Literary Agents/publishers

I found finding an agent interested in my book to be an important step. A great agent not only improves the manuscript but also relentlessly hunts for the best deal. They act as business managers, liaising with editors and managing contract negotiations. The journey is tough, so be prepared to work hard and be committed.

In my experience, finding the right agent involves extensive research to avoid scammers or amateurs. Once you find a legitimate agent who wants your book, remember, a publishing deal is not guaranteed. Agents, like writers, face a lot of rejection before landing a publisher.

Remember, agents take a 15% cut from your sales book. If you’re open to other options, consider submitting without an agent. Many small and medium-sized publishers now accept direct referrals, bypassing the need for an agent. The process is growing, with large publishers frequently opening submission periods to find new authors.

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

While smaller publishing houses may not have the same relationships with vendors or the same marketing and advertising resources, many still have the talent, creativity, and passion to publish great books.

Top Children’s Book Publishers Accepting Submissions In 2023

One of the book publishing companies on my list is actually a brand of Penguin Random House, and yes, they get contacts directly from authors. Also, here’s an example of a new author with great reviews on Amazon who got a deal with Bain Books, another publisher on my list.

Below is a list of 19 book publishing companies that authors can contact directly. For each publisher, you get:

If you find something that sounds interesting or fits your goals as a writer, bookmark it. This will get you one step closer to being a (traditional) published author.

Note: Be sure to check each publishing company’s website and submission requirements. Apply only to publishers that carry books like yours and you’ll make a good first impression.

Top Us Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

The best way to find successful publishing companies is to research your book genre and see what other companies are publishing books in that genre.

If you do it manually, it will take a lot of time and you will end up with many other companies that are not really the best.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that makes it easy to find all the major publishers for any type of best seller.

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

Using Rocket’s Part Analysis tool, you can easily find any type of publisher list by doing the following:

Attention New Authors! Here Are 10 Publishers Accepting Submissions

Most of these publishing companies are traditional publishers, so you can contact them if you need traditional ad design. Or you can find hidden gems like lesser-known but successful publishers.

Once you’ve decided you want to publish one of your books, it’s time to put in the work to get it noticed and out of the trash.

Give the publisher exactly what he asked for. If they say they prefer to send electronically, give yourself a bonus point and send your items electronically.

Don’t send your full text after they’ve specifically asked for it in your submission or expressed interest in your query letter.

Mystery And Thriller Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts

Write an amazing query letter. It is similar to the cover letter you write when applying for a job where an interview is expected. You should write your best pitch to sell your book in a one-page letter in hopes that an editor or agent will take your book to a further “interview.”

Most publishers ask for a synopsis or synopsis of your entire story. Another common request for publishing companies is sample chapters. Most guidelines specify whether they need one, two, or your first five. Give them what they asked for.

Nonfiction writers need to write a killer book to show that your idea will sell and that you have the credibility to deliver the idea. Among other things, your book proposal should include a detailed analysis of similar books already on the market, how your book is different, who will buy the book (your target audience) and why they want it, your author bio, and a detailed chapter. -Chapter-by-chapter lesson, sample chapters. You will need to spend a lot of time researching and preparing your book, which can be between 10 and 25 pages long.

Publishers Who Accept Unagented Submissions

In all your interactions as a writer, you will come across as polite and professional. Show respect and professionalism in your letters, emails, social media, phone calls, and personal conversations, and people will want to do business with you.

Start Here: How To Get Your Book Published

If you come across as rude and unprofessional, people won’t want to work with you. So editors receive an incredible number of submissions each month

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