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Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat – It’s exciting to say that I finally have a living room to live in! Painting this small living room transforms the space from a living space to an entertaining space. Who would have thought I could fit a sectional in my small living room!

Before this change, our living room was very underutilized. We have a small chair and two small chairs. I knew I could make this room better, so I got to work and redesigned the entire space!

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

Who is surprised that I turned black? It’s me!! While looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I found a dark couch that screamed cozy. I didn’t find anything, so I decided to go with my gut and do it anyway. I am very excited about the color of the couch. It’s a true charcoal black/black and comfortable for all going out! You can read all the details related to departmental selection process here.

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When they brought my sofa, the delivery people were shocked by the color and told me that they had never seen furniture like this color. They said they really liked it! The pillows are custom and come with the couch!

I wanted to maintain an eclectic look throughout the living room, so I added a hanging plant, eclectic custom art, and cute wall lights. (I painted it black!) We also made a large picture frame above our couch!

I love the modern fan I chose. A ceiling mount is the perfect choice for a small space, so that the ceiling fan does not hang too low.

The rug I chose to choose was a beautiful terracotta rug. I love the vibrant colors against the dark piece, it really feels cozy in the space. The bottom layer is a natural jute rug that fills the room.

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A wicker coffee table serves to store blankets and extra pillows. It also adds a nice texture to the room!

Of course, I have a lot of plants and I still love the bird wallpaper I added a few months ago.

When decorating a small room, it is important to think about the smallest details. So I chose small drink tables and side tables. I love the leather long black tables and of course a natural wood table is perfect for drinks.

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

I added my favorite bamboo shades. Shades filter light, so we have dark roller shades in the back because the windows are in the front of our house.

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We built a DIY pegboard bead wall a few years ago and it’s what we like to hang our everyday items on.

This beautiful black rattan chair is perfect for a small space and offers extra seating when we have large groups.

Hanging a TV in a small space is difficult and distracting. We installed the Frame TV a few months ago and I love how it displays beautiful art like a picture frame.

The TV console has a very interesting structure and the warm color of the wood brings the perfect balance to the room. I also like that I can store the ottomans for more space for lounging.

The Harriotte Black 5 Pc. Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, Accent Chair, Accent Ottoman Is Available At Select Furnishings Serving Brenham, Tx And Surroundaing Areas

And finally, the paint colors in this room… The walls are Alabaster White from Sherwin-Williams and my favorite gray color on our French doors is Gravestone by Berh. When you visit the Site, Dotdash Meredith and its affiliates may store or retrieve information about your browser. , usually in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and devices and are used to make the site work as you expect, understand how you interact with the site, and show you ads tailored to your interests. You can learn more about our use, change your default settings and withdraw your consent.

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The living room is the true heart of any home and a beautifully decorated room can change the look and feel of the rest of your home. But when dealing with a small living space, creating the perfect layout can be difficult. You need to think about how to fit all your furniture in the space, while leaving no room to walk and spread out. If your living room is short on square footage, it doesn’t have to be short on style.

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

To give you more inspiration for organizing your small living room, we asked three interior designers to give us their favorite living room arrangement ideas for small spaces.

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Layout: This layout is perfect for an odd living room that requires walking through the center of the space to get to the next room. It consists of a small section facing the wall directly opposite the TV, with space for a side chair and a small coffee table diagonally across the chair.

Sofa: It may sound counterintuitive, but in a very small space, Gorsline says a sectional can be king. “[An armchair sofa] gives you the opportunity to relax without leaving a large footprint.” Pay attention to the length of the sofa you choose and make sure there is more space on each side of the sectional.

Extras: If you’re concerned about taking up too much space with a sectional, Gorsline says to consider curved or rounded furniture. “They can work visually and physically taking up a small space,” he said.

If you don’t have room for a side table, consider a C-table over the arm of your sofa.

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Layout: In a small open concept living room, it can be difficult to arrange your furniture. Here, the two side chairs are located on opposite sides of the couch, creating an imaginary wall behind the chair. This helps separate the space from the dining room or the kitchen behind it, but still feels open and airy.

Sofa: In this classic layout, the sofa is king and acts as the center of the room. It is located directly opposite the fireplace or TV stand.

Extras: “The key to getting this arrangement right is to give your furniture a little room to breathe on all sides,” says Gorsline. While leaving a little space around the furniture may work in some small spaces, you need to choose the space around each piece.

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

Layout: Not all living rooms surround a fireplace or TV stand. If you want your bookcase to be the focal point of the living room, place the sofa vertically on the built-in or freestanding bookcase. Then, pointing to the sofa, place the two chairs directly.

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Sofa: Since the sofa is on the side of this arrangement, you can try larger pieces. “Large pieces of soft colors mixed with a combination of white and acrylic accent pieces help make the space seem larger than it really is,” explains Fenimore.

Accessories: Since your bookshelf is the focal point of the room, consider wallpapering the back of the shelves to add a patterned pattern. “It also helps with styling, because the wallpaper helps fill the shelves visually and doesn’t look too stylish,” says Fenimore.

Layout: In a classic living room layout, the fireplace is really the focal point. In this formal arrangement, you do not need to direct the furniture to the TV, which will give more attention to the fireplace. The couch faces the fireplace directly across from the two chairs.

Sofa: Choose a sofa that is large enough to fill the space. Pay attention to the space on both sides, especially if you need to move to other nearby rooms.

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Extras: Remember you want to do your best not to distract from the center of the fireplace. Fenimore suggests an acrylic coffee table because it’s “the perfect piece for such a narrow living space because it doesn’t visually block the view of the fireplace.”

The Layout: “Sometimes you’re dealing with not only space limitations, but a weird layout to boot—which I find is common in historic homes,” Murray explains. To fix this, focus on furniture pieces that are the right size for the room—you might have to settle for an 80-inch sofa instead of a 112-inch sofa, or get the second accent chair.

Sofa: If you don’t have room for a full-size sofa, consider a deep recliner instead. If you don’t entertain too much, you can find a very attractive love seat that won’t overwhelm a small space.

Small Living Room With Sofa And Loveseat

Extras: Don’t be afraid to put a chair in front of a window, as long as you leave enough space on each side for the light filter to pass through.

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