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Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room – If you have a long, narrow living room, arranging furniture in a way that maximizes space and style can be a difficult task.

How can you make a room look wider than it really is? How do you arrange the furniture so that it is still comfortable without awkward gaps?

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

If you have these questions, fear not! With a little creativity and a few practical tips, you can transform your challenging space into a functional and inviting oasis. In this guide, we will explore some ideas on how to arrange your furniture in a long living room layout.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Long Narrow Living Room?

Long furniture can create a more streamlined and cohesive look in a narrow room. Having a single, long piece can visually simplify the room and reduce clutter, making the room look spacious and balanced.

For example, choose a rectangular coffee table instead of choosing a square or round coffee table.

A long sofa can provide ample seating without squeezing too many chairs or ottomans. This allows you to comfortably accommodate many people even in a narrow space.

An L-shaped sofa can effectively utilize the corner space, which is often underutilized in long, narrow rooms.

Rectangular Living Room Designs: Solutions For Tight Spaces

Place the long end of the L-shaped sofa against one of the long walls to keep the walkway open the length of the room. Consider placing a coffee table in front of sofas and armchairs at the open end of the ‘L’. It adds versatility and functionality to seating arrangements.

If your long living room has an open floor plan, you can also use an L-shaped sofa as a visual dividing line between different areas.

Since long rooms often have an open floor plan, you can create different zones in the room. This approach is great for creating a multi-functional space instead of a large and empty living room that looks like a hallway. Imagine entertaining, reading and dining in one place!

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

@home.emphasis illustrated the living area with a Lorenzo wool rug. Also featuring: Simon Performance Boucle Chair.

Small Living Room Ideas That Maximize Style And Storage

Make sure there is a clear and unobstructed path between different areas. A well-defined traffic flow will make the space feel open and accessible, even in tight spaces.

Furniture that floats away from the wall can create a sense of flow in a long living room. By placing furniture in the middle of the room, you create a straight path to both sides of the room that makes the eye think it is bigger.

For example, you can combine a sofa, coffee table and two chairs anchored by an area rug for an intimate seating arrangement.

@designlovesdetail creates a living space in the center of the room with a Hamilton chaise longue sofa, Paloma Bockle armchairs and a Jonathan leather ottoman.

What I Learned From Our Living Room Makeover: Phase 1

The possibilities are endless, so experiment with different arrangements until you feel just right.

Color plays an important role in shaping the mood and aesthetics of a long living room. When used effectively, it can help create a visually larger and more inviting space.

Paint vertical stripes on your walls (or use wallpaper) to draw the eye up and create the illusion of a taller space.

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

For a classic and sophisticated look, consider using tonal or monochromatic shades such as light gray and a slightly darker shade of gray or light blue and deep blue. If you want a subtle and airy feel, use a neutral color like beige or light taupe as the base color and white for the stripes.

A Fireplace Divides This Long Living Room Creating A Separate Home Office Area

It creates a curved path in the shape of an ‘S’ to break the linear feel of the space and improve traffic flow.

The key to creating a curved path is to include furniture with curved edges. Consider a curved sectional sofa or a set of rounded accent chairs placed in the center of the room. These pieces will naturally control the flow of movement with a curved path.

Alternatively, place seating on diagonally opposite sides of the room to create a natural meandering path.

Natural sunlight will be your best friend in a long and narrow room as it helps to make the room feel more open and airy. Instead of blackout curtains, opt for sheer curtains to allow light to filter into the room while maintaining a measure of privacy.

How To Lay Out A Narrow Living Room

If you are not blessed with a lot of natural sunlight, using a mirror to reflect the light in your space can make the room seem larger. Mirrors and reflective surfaces can work wonders in a long and narrow living room because they send light around the room, making it feel brighter and more open.

Place walls directly on natural light sources to reflect and amplify incoming daylight, making the room feel brighter. You can also incorporate furniture with reflective finishes such as glass tabletops or silver fittings.

Alternatively, if you have a long, uninterrupted wall, consider placing a large mirror there to create the illusion of more space and increase the overall brightness of the room.

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

Achieving balance in a long, narrow living room is key to making it feel visually appealing. Use symmetrical arrangements of similar or matching furniture to create a cohesive look.

Chic Narrow Living Room Ideas To Add Height And Style

You can place similar sofas on both sides of the room and place a coffee table in the middle of the living room.

Since floor space can be limited, it’s a good strategy to make the most of your vertical space in a narrow space. It allows you to make the most of the available space and adds storage, functionality and visual interest to the room.

Install tall shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to store books, decorations and other essentials. This not only adds storage, but also draws the eye upwards, making the room feel taller and wider.

A long living room can be a design challenge, but with the right approach and a little creativity, you can transform it into a space that is both functional and visually appealing. Whether you choose to divide the space into zones or arrange furniture symmetrically, these long living room decor ideas will help you maximize space and style in your home. There are many difficult design challenges when you move into a new home. For many of us, the biggest challenge is trying to fit our current furniture into certain rooms.

Need Help With Furniture Layout For This Long, Narrow Living Room. How Would You Design It? (current Furniture Not Ours)

Of course, we faced these challenges in every room of the new house, but our long, narrow living room was especially difficult.

Only 10 feet wide and 18 feet long, it’s not a particularly large room. Add a fireplace on the wall, a wall of bookshelves, a back door, a step up to the kitchen and an iron railing instead of a wall and you have a mother of design challenges.

So not only is it long and narrow, but we don’t have full walls to put furniture on.

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

This room has caused me some sleepless nights, but I think I have figured out a way to make it a comfortable place where we can relax.

How To Make The Most Of A Long, Narrow Farmhouse Living Room

The first thing I did was find a free online room design software to layout the room with our existing furniture before we moved in.

I measured the space, including the bookcases, the back door, and the stairs to the kitchen, and measured the furniture I thought I would use.

What I found was a very small space and it would be difficult to fit everything I wanted.

The biggest piece that fit us was my couch. We only had one wall that could handle it, it just made sense to put it there.

How To Arrange Two Sofas In A Living Room

Another necessity, the TV, goes either above the fireplace or on a small wall next to it. Since the fireplace is solid stone, it would not be easy to hang it up, so I decided to put it in a cabinet.

The last piece to put in was Roger’s chair. In a perfect world, his chair would be next to the couch or next to it for optimal TV viewing.

The sofa took up most of the space, and we had to keep the walkway from the back door to the kitchen clear, so the chair had to go to the far corner of the living room.

Sofa For Long Narrow Living Room

In all the furniture space, at least in the online design layout, I had to wait until we got inside to see how it all actually worked.

Design & Decorating Ideas For Narrow Living Rooms

Once we got the keys, the real work began. I had big plans for this room before we even put any furniture in.

The paneled walls were painted black. I’m certainly not opposed to a moody black accent wall, but I like to open up this space and keep it light.

To do that, I primed all the walls and painted them with several coats of Benjamin Moore Halo.

I primed and painted all the trim and shelving gloss white and painted the back door in BM Revere Pewter (my new favorite color).

Rules For Arranging Living Room Furniture & Tvs

Regarding the bookshelves… I considered removing them when we moved in, but that would have ruined the paneling and trim on it.

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