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Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

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Whether you live in a historic home or a shoebox city apartment, you may not have the closet space to store your clothes efficiently and it can be overwhelming. It’s important to get creative with storage, especially if you don’t have built-in storage. If you have a poor, innocent armchair that has become a de facto landfill, these clothes storage ideas are for you. Hope is not lost, for you, your favorite sweater or chair. Even if you don’t have a wardrobe in your bedroom, there are plenty of stylish and efficient bedroom storage solutions that can accommodate your entire wardrobe.

Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

The best clothes storage ideas are all about functionality. Storage is no good if your favorite jeans are out of reach and shoes you’ve never worn are at eye level. To maximize clothing storage in a small bedroom, start by organizing your everyday items within easy reach. Install shelves to store jewelry and accessories and use every inch of the wall. A garment that is rarely worn can be turned up or down. The most compact way to store off-season or special occasion clothing is in vacuum-sealed bags or containers that can be slipped under the bed or on a shelf in a storage closet. Finally, when in doubt, try to unburden yourself. See what brings joy and donate what doesn’t. Listen to Marie Kondo when she says that rotating clothes allows you to fit more pieces in your closet drawers. Remember, every square inch is precious.

Ikea Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Ahead, we highlight 25 closet storage ideas for bedrooms without closets that don’t require getting rid of all your stuff. From a steamer trunk to bedside-style cabinets and a well-crafted coat rack, these ideas are the updates your wardrobe needs.

Instead of making room for an extra piece of furniture, turn your bed into storage space by placing shelves behind the headboard. These bedroom nooks from Summer Thornton are perfect for displaying your favorite bags and accessories.

Almost every child wants their bed to feel like a castle. Take it a step further and make every page storable, like Studio DB did here. This piece is not only functional, but also fun: your little one will want to climb in when it’s bedtime.

Instead of a pair of nightstands, separate your children’s beds with a wide wardrobe like in this bedroom by Heidi Caillier. You’ll appreciate the extra storage space and less surface area to keep tidy and clean.

Attractive Ways To Optimize Small Bedroom Storage

Hide your belongings by shuffling the drawers built into the wall. This stunning space by Rita Koenig and architect Gil Schafer has hidden storage under the daybed.

Children love to be independent, so let them work freely by placing the memory at their level. Regan Baker’s large handles on these bedroom drawers are easy on little hands.

If you have space under your bed, use it to store seasonal clothes or items you don’t wear often. Hide them with a playful bed skirt, like this Quilted Gingham Bed Skirt by Lynne Uhalt.

Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

Treat your nightstands like little closets. They can be the main storage solution or a place for overflowing clothes. Think big chests of drawers, like the one in Francesca Grace’s Los Angeles home.

How To Save Space In A Small Bedroom

A footstool or chest of drawers not only provides more storage space, but can also double as a chair, making it a space-saving and multi-functional option. Consider using multiple trunks for maximum storage, as designer Sean Anderson did in this Memphis home.

Kids’ rooms are full of storage inspiration, and this design by Katie Ridder is no exception. There, a custom staircase by JBM Architects offers hidden drawers for quick organization. This is perfect for anyone who wants to use a loft bed, swings or even stairs. Fill the drawers with winter accessories, swimwear, t-shirts and other small clothes.

While antiques dealer Lee Stanton used wall nooks in the bedroom of her Montecito, California home to organize valuable vases and artwork, the idea can easily be applied to clothing storage. Cut wall corners for hats, shoes, jewelry and other accessories in a boutique display.

If you have an amazing collection of shoes and accessories, why not flaunt it? Storing your shoes on shelves in a closet, tall cabinet or built-in wardrobe makes it easier to choose your clothes because they are at eye level. In this dressing room designed by Aerin Lauder, the wallpaper is as impressive as the shoe collection. “My grandmother had the same wallpaper in her office,” she says.

How Do I Maximize Storage In My Box Bedroom? 8 Small Spaces |

If you don’t have a closet, but you do have a collection of clothes, stay organized and polished with custom built-ins that keep everything behind closed doors. In this bedroom by Corinne Matherne, built-in units provide plenty of storage and feature an irregular ceiling. They’re also less deep than regular wardrobes and closets – a win for a small bedroom.

It can make a design statement in your room. Every time you walk by, you’ll be in awe of this stunning creation in Shawn Henderson’s West Village apartment. If you have an awkward and empty corner, invest in a great cabinet or cupboard that will bring it to life and give you extra storage space.

Designer Arien Bethea’s bedroom features a fun bedspread and wild props from Etsy. The mannequin and mirror give it the atmosphere of a fancy dressing room. Design and display clothes with a mannequin or use one as a temporary clothes rack. It’s a great way to stay organized in an open space like a bedroom when your closet is too small. A vintage or antique version is the way to go.

Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

Don’t worry, your addiction is in good hands. As Kate Reid proves in this cozy bedroom, a few hooks can turn the back of a door or empty wall space into a great place to store hats, caps and beanies.

Genius Ways To Store More In Your Small Bedroom

If your closet has glass or wire doors, cover them with a beautiful fabric. It hides all your clothes, adds some style to your bedroom and keeps it from looking messy. (If you don’t know how to sew, you can use a hook to secure the fabric.) We love the bold print designer Anna Spiro chose here to complement the cream paint and brass hardware.

A floral fabric brightens this open-plan bedroom designed by Gary McBurney, which is upholstered for a soft effect. The adjacent master bedroom has monochromatic curtains for a comfortable and harmonious ensemble.

Alison Victoria created a 360-degree rotating closet system with Closet Works for her Atlanta loft, which features a hidden full-length mirror and plenty of shoe storage. French-framed doors from the 1800s enclose a modern space that opens to the bedroom.

When you really don’t have room in your closet for bulky items like long dresses or coats, put them on a coat rack in the corner of your bedroom. It can act as a rotating display for your favorite seasonal creations.

Fitted Wardrobe Ideas For A Small Bedroom

“My bedroom, bathroom and closet are all in the loft, so space is very important,” says designer Tim Clark. This did not stop him from working. “I used the corners under the eaves to put in hanging strips and drawer shelves. It’s all perfectly hidden behind tongue and groove invisible touch doors. I’m sleeping in a closet!” If you need to pack bulky items like sweaters and jeans, vacuum bags are your best friend.

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Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedroom

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