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Wall Colors For Living Room

Wall Colors For Living Room – As the center of your home, your living room is where movie nights, intimate conversations and lazy Sundays happen. When designing the room, the color of the paint is one of the easiest ways to influence and express your personality. The best living room paint colors can be changed and suit any occasion, mood and time of day. And while the process of choosing and buying paint for your living room is no easy task (so many swatches!), we’re here to help.

Neutral colors such as white, off-white and gray are the most popular paint colors for the living room. However, neutrals (and living room trends) aren’t for everyone, so we’ve found some bold shades for those who like to stick to the middle of the color wheel. Before choosing a color for the living room, it is important to think through what type of living room you want to have. If you want to make an impression, we recommend a bold shade like a jewel color or vibrant blue. If you want to reflect light and make the living room feel bigger, choose a light neutral or pastel to help bounce light around the room. For a cozy atmosphere, choose a deep color such as forest green or navy blue to make the living room feel cozy and sheltered.

Wall Colors For Living Room

Wall Colors For Living Room

Whether you’re a Benjamin Moore Swiss coffee lover like Leanne Ford, or you prefer a more sculptural palette, we’ve got the 50 best living room paint colors for your design style.

Living Room Color Schemes From Bold To Understated

In a Cape Cod-style home for an empty-nester couple, designer Lauren Nelson painted the living room walls in Farrow & Ball’s Dove Tale—a warm gray with purple undertones. This keeps the atmosphere neutral but inviting.

A soft white color with a light gray shade can make your living room a place you want to spend the whole day. Take it from designer Sharon Rambam, who dressed this living room with textured pieces in a neutral color palette to boost the overall coziness.

Designer Garo Cadigan used Benjamin Moore’s Lakeside Cabin on the walls of this cozy nook. The faded German blue serves as a soft backdrop for the rich orange and gold decor and the dark gray sofa.

Reminiscent of nature and spas, sage green can make your living room feel inviting. In this speakeasy-inspired space from Brooklinteriors, art deco, oriental and bohemian elements are combined against a dirty martini Claire color backdrop for a luxurious yet casual atmosphere.

Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Sunny yellow walls can immediately brighten up your living room – regardless of whether you have large windows or small openings for natural light. In this space designed by Taylor Ann Interiors, Farrow & Ball’s Citron energizes the tropical yet modern space.

Set an atmospheric yet cozy scene by painting the walls and ceiling a soft shade of ebony. For designer Sean Anderson’s client, comfort and function in the living room were essential for entertaining. He painted the room in Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams and layered objects that told the homeowner’s story to enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

Designed by Melanie Turner, this living room’s walls are painted in Windswept Mall by Sherwin-Williams. The range of furniture styles is united by a common color that blends beautifully with the color.

Wall Colors For Living Room

Frosty blue walls—in Benjamin Moore’s Philipsburg Blue, to be exact—offer just the right amount of softness in this formal dining room designed by Jenny Wolfe. Gold-framed art and a textured rug add warmth by the fireplace.

Wall Colour Combinations For A Living Room Makeover

“It’s a happy, vibrant blue that’s not too overwhelming,” designer Rudy Saunders says of the color on the walls of his Upper East Side studio apartment. This is Fine Paints of Europe Jefferson Blue from the Dorothy Draper paint collection.

Designer Krsnaa Mehta aimed for a living room feel at the heart of her home in India. The sangria and blue palette in the living room achieves the inviting look best suited for entertaining.

This sunny living room designed by Thomas Callaway exudes warmth, despite its large size and high ceilings. Callaway divided the room into zones to enhance intimacy and then applied a soft buttery glaze to the walls to give the room a golden glow, and rich but delicate fabrics layered.

Designer Cecilia Casagrande chose rich jewel tones for this colonial living room in Boston. It’s classic, yet fresh. The paint color in particular – Farrow & Ball Hague Blue – cuts across this duality of modern and traditional styles, perfect for a historic home. Casagrande also mixed modern elements with more traditional elements to continue playing with this mix of old and new.

Mood Boosting Paint Colors For Every Room In Your House

Atelier ND and homeowner Carice Van Houten used a variety of plant species to enliven the space and create visual intrigue with different heights and shapes. It really freshens up the bold pastels and rich earth tones for a unique composition. Pro tip: don’t forget to paint the ceiling for a more immersive impression.

Designer Anna Spiro made the windows in this corner particularly sunny by painting the frames a buttercream yellow. Instead of painting the walls blue, she covered the parquet

Dark black walls and lots of warm gold and caramel tones make this living room designed by Ariene Bethea super cozy, but also formal and regal—the ideal balance if your living room doubles as a family room. She used Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams.

Wall Colors For Living Room

The open floor plan of this Chicago family apartment designed by Bruce Fox called for cohesion between the dining and living spaces. The soft peach color and deep pink sofa is reflected in the printed armchair at the top of the dining table, and also mimics the pink glow of the pendant lamp. The color scheme was inspired by a photo taken of the family in London during the spring, when the city was covered in cherry blossoms.

Of Our Favorite Light Gray Paint Colors For Every Style

Dark gray walls can be a little brooding, like storm clouds, but in the case of this sunny Manhattan apartment by Elizabeth Cooper, they look playful and modern. Perky pinks, a dash of cobalt blue, traditional granny chic patterns and whimsical artwork lighten the mood.

While bright colors can help liven up a room, it’s not the only route. Take the living room in this neutral shade by Kristin Fine: soft, richly textured upholstery mixes with off-white color, rustic wood pieces and lots of antique accents to create a surprisingly modern impression with lots of character.

Robert McKinley wanted to keep the color scheme of this country as an earthy, neutral retreat, but also wanted to inject some warmth into it. He chose a quiet and sophisticated shade of olive green for the walls while choosing a cream color for the wood paneled ceiling.

This New York City living room designed by Nanette Brown is a lesson in dark color design that strikes the balance between formal and informal, sophisticated and comfortable, elevated and cozy. The exact color pictured is an amethyst shade from Benjamin Moore.

Best Living Room Paint Colors To Boost Your Space

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Wall Colors For Living Room

Follow the 7 paint color trends we expect to see the most in living rooms next year.

Neutral Living Room Color Combination To Recreate Your Space

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Living rooms are functional rooms that are often used to entertain friends and family. As more people have started to have guests again after the last few years, now is a good time to update the living room design with a fresh new color. Painting a living room is a quick and affordable way to update the room without invasive renovation or furniture replacement.

While last year’s popular living room colors were mostly green and other earth tones, this year’s colors are going in other directions. While green is still popular, it’s bolder and more vibrant colors that people are turning to, as well as more neutral tones. As the pandemic fades and the economy feels more uncertain, many people may choose to brighten up their homes to bring some positivity into their lives and welcome guests back.

Below we have listed the top 7 color trends for living rooms in 2023. Take a look to see what fresh new hues could be the future of living rooms.

The 10 Most Elegant Colors For Walls

Both shades of green and blue will be popular this year, and peacock blue is the perfect balance between the two shades. This vibrant color is seen in both light and dark shades, and

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