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What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers – Toyota Aygo tops list of cheapest cars to insure for 17-year-old drivers: We reveal the ten best value cars for young drivers to insure

According to data from Admiral, which looked at the cheapest cars for teenagers to insure in the UK, young drivers driving this model will pay an average of just £641 a year.

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

Getting the best deal possible is important for young drivers because car insurance for their age group is often too high and many pay thousands of dollars just to hit the road.

Cheap Car Insurance For 18 Year Olds: Best Picks (2024)

Drivers – especially younger ones – are being encouraged to shop around for insurance to see if they can save by switching providers.

Equipping them with a telematics or ‘black box’ system can often save them money as they will be monitored to see how well they drive with safer drivers rewarded with lower insurance premiums.

Clare Egan, head of motoring products at Admiral, said: “As driving lessons become popular again and the backlog of practical driving tests starts to dwindle, many new drivers could be on the verge of getting their licence. full driver.

For many 17-year-olds, being on the street can be expensive and there are a number of costs to consider. As well as paying for a car, new drivers also have to think about fuel prices, car insurance, vehicle tax and servicing – so it all adds up.

Year Old Car Insurance

“Young drivers tend to pay more for their insurance because, unfortunately, statistically they are at higher risk. They are more likely to have accidents than older drivers, and the accidents they do have are more costly.

‘Car insurance for young drivers isn’t cheap, but shopping around can help them find the best price.’

To help young drivers save money on insurance, Admiral has calculated the 10 cheapest cars to insure, based on its own data from the first quarter of this year…

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

The Mini Cooper sneaks into the top 10 list with new drivers paying an average of £941 to insure the car.

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Although not one of the cheapest models, the latest versions of the small engine are available with three- or five-door options. Appearing since 2001 (under the guise of being owned by BMW), there are many types of used cars on the market.

The tiny German-made Volkswagen Polo is also one of the cheapest cars to insure for a 17-year-old, at £849 a year.

Depending on your needs, there are several suitable models with different prices and optional extras. On the market for over 40 years now, this little bike is reliable and a good choice for those looking for an affordable first motorcycle.

Ford Fiestas, the UK’s most popular car, can be insured for an average of £842 a year for 17-year-olds.

Tips And Ideas For Cutting Car Insurance Costs

The Ford Fiesta, which is also available with three or five doors, has an average insurance price of £842 for new drivers.

A very popular car, available in many models including Fiesta Trend, Titanium, Active and Vignale Edition. The Fiesta has been in production since 1976 and has been the best-selling new car model nationwide for 12 consecutive years.

There are also several models to choose from including the Seat Ibiza FR, Ibiza SE Technology and Ibiza Xcellence.

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

The Corsa is another super popular car model in the UK. In fact, it is the best-selling product so far in 2021. Young drivers will benefit from affordable insurance costs

Teen Spirit: Cheap Used Cars Under $10,000

Another small car, the Vauxhall Corsa has been loved by drivers for generations, as it now has an electric option.

For 17-year-olds driving a Clio, they will only need to pay an average of £741 a year to insure the car.

It’s now available in hybrid form, and newer models include features like electronic stability control, anti-lock braking systems and emergency brake assist.

The Citroen C1 is the French company’s smallest city car offering – and the insurance premium is relatively small too

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The French city car, produced since 2005, is popular with young drivers due to its low running costs and compact size, which makes it easy to maneuver.

These cars are available as four-seat, three- or five-door hatchbacks, and drivers can choose a 1.0-litre or 1.2-litre engine.

Go upstairs! is Volkswagen’s smallest car model on sale. The average cost of annual cover for a 17-year-old is £697

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

The Volkswagen Up!, previously known as the car with the lowest first-year car insurance costs, is in the top 3 models with the cheapest insurance rates.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers: How To Save Money

Young drivers may find the cool looks of the Fiat 500 very attractive. They will also be attracted by the low insurance premiums

The Fiat 500 is one of the most popular cars for young drivers, with the Italian model insured for £682 for 17-year-old drivers.

The compact car is now also available as an electric model with an Automated Driving feature, where the car can accelerate, brake and stay in its lane automatically. However, affordable insurance premiums are only available for gasoline engine models that are still sold alongside electric vehicles.

The Toyota Aygo is said to be the cheapest car for new drivers to insure at £641 a year

Teen Car Accidents And Their Impact On Your Car Insurance Rates

Taking the top spot, the Toyota Aygo was named the cheapest car for 17-year-olds to insure at a cost of £641.

The city car, first produced in 2005, is produced alongside the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107/108 at a joint plant built by Toyota and PSA Group in the Czech Republic.

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What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

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Cheap Car Insurance For Teens And Young Drivers

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Cheap Car Insurance For 18 Year Olds

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Some of the best auto insurance for 18-year-olds is from Erie Insurance for $241 per month or $2,888 per year for total coverage

What Is The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers

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Auto insurance for 18-year-olds is expensive, whether you add the teen to your policy or they purchase individual policies. This is why the best auto insurance for 18 year olds should be as affordable as possible.

Our guide team compared prices from dozens of providers to see which ones offer cheap car insurance for teenagers. Overall, our top pick is Geico for comprehensive coverage at $263 per month or $3,161 per year. We’ll cover our top picks and ways to save here.

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The Guide team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best possible decisions about your vehicle insurance. Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we have created a comprehensive rating system to develop a ranking of the best auto insurance companies. We collected data on dozens of auto insurance providers to rank the companies based on a variety of rating factors. After 800 hours of research, the final result is an overall ranking for each provider, with the insurers scoring the most points at the top of the list.

According to our rate estimates, comprehensive auto insurance for 18-year-olds costs on average

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