Roccat Burst Core

The ROCCAT Burst Core Extreme Lightweight Optical Core Pc gaming Computer mouse is targeted at gaming purists at those who focus on core efficiency above all else. It was crafted from scratch with an asymmetrical ergonomic shape, developed to really feel premium from the really initial touch. Thanks to ROCCAT’s engineering advantage, it is competitively valued while flaunting a feature and also component set our competitors commonly bill top dollar for. It additionally weighs an extreme lightweight 68g to make it the greatest doing mouse in its group.

Roccat Burst Core
Roccat Burst Core

Core Efficiency Crafted from square one with its severe light-weight functional designs, the ROCCAT Burst Core Extreme Lightweight Optical Core Video gaming Computer mouse was benchmarked against the very best computer mice in its group. Competitively priced, it features exceptional elements that match cost top dollar for. Titan Change familiar click feeling you recognize, with speed-of-light actuation for unmatched quickness and also precision. It’s faster than any mechanical switch as well as has two times the sturdiness. Superior Value PTFE computer mouse feet supply phenomenal move and are normally taken into consideration a top-tier attribute. Also included is an 8,500 dpi optical sensing unit based upon PixArt’s PMW3330. It supplies excellent accuracy and also dependability.

Place your hand on the ROCCAT ® Ruptured Core Extreme Lightweight Optical Core Video Gaming Mouse, and you’ll promptly see its premium design. Crafted from the ground up with its extreme lightweight ergonomics, it was benchmarked against the best computer mice in its group. Competitively valued, it includes superior elements that match cost a top dollar for. This is implemented by ROCCAT’s design advancement and also engineering expertise. The acquainted click sensation you know as well as enjoy, engineered with speed-of-light optical actuation for extraordinary quickness and also accuracy. It’s faster than any mechanical switch and also has two times the resilience at a lasting 100 million clicks. PTFE mouse feet provide remarkable glide and are typically thought about a top-tier feature.

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Roccat Burst Core Gaming Mouse Features

  • Symmetrical ergonomic shape crafted from scratch to feel and perform better
  • Solid honeycomb shell with an extremely lightweight of 68g
  • Titan Switch Optical for a mechanical feel with optical speed
  • PTFE mouse feet for exceptional glide
  • 8,500 optical sensor based on PMW3330 from PixArt
  • Includes ROCCAT Burst Core (Black) Quick-start guide.
  • Optical sensor.
  • 5 buttons.
  • Programmable buttons.
  • Scroll wheel.

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