Roccat Horde AIMO

The Roccat Horde Aimo ($100) supplies every little thing you’d get out of a premium-priced gaming keyboard: tactile secrets, RGB backlighting, useful added switches and robust software application. Almost each of those attributes includes a caution. The Aimo is not a really rather key-board. The all-black peripheral can’t rather determine whether it intends to be streamlined and angular, or soft and inconspicuous, resulting in a lot of rounded sides, asymmetrical flourishes, and a basic feeling of the discrepancy.

Roccat Horde AIMO
Roccat Horde AIMO

The keyboard’s appropriate side is favourably loaded with added tricks; the left side really feels virtually barren, despite a few well-placed macro switches. There’s even what appears to be a pull-out phone caddy (previous Roccat keyboards have had these), however, upon closer examination, it doesn’t in fact do anything. There’s additionally a fair bit of thrown away space around the boundary. Holding the customer button down opens the Windows Dial food selection shows up on-screen, allowing the dial control things like scrolling, zoom, altering media tracks, and a useful “reverse” feature that works with word processing or photo modifying applications, for example. You can also personalize the menu from within Windows to add up to three even more functions.

The actuation speed of the 5 macro keys is somewhat much faster at 5ms, suitable for quick-firing tailored commands. In regards to synchronised keypresses, the Horde AIMO leverages an anti-ghosting modern technology implemented by a “sophisticated formula,” according to Roccat, that can sign up an infinite variety of keystrokes per min. After putting this case to the examination, I can securely acquiesce in its precision, even if my strokes didn’t fairly strike infinity.

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Roccat Horde AIMO Features

  • Mechanical keys – with a precise midway travel actuation point
  • Aimo lighting system – intelligent illumination harmonized across devices
  • RGB illumination – configurable Multicolor lighting with multiple zones
  • Precision key layout – Fingertip design improves key distinction and island layout resists dirt
  • Quick-fire macros – low-profile keys that prevent accidental miss-hits

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