Roccat KONE

The Roccat KONE is a gaming mouse with the best quality and durability that will suit your needs. It has an advanced optical sensor, giving you precise control over your movements. This mouse is also designed for comfort so it won’t strain or stress your hand when using it for extended periods of time. The design includes textured side grips to ensure it stays securely in place during intense gaming sessions. Equipped with the latest Omron switches, this device can withstand up to 10 million clicks before wearing out, making it last longer than any other competitor on the market today.

Roccat KONE
Roccat KONE

Roccat KONE is a lightweight, high-precision gaming mouse with advanced features like the “Teflon” feet and an adjustable DPI. The KONE has been one of the most popular gaming mice on the market for over two years. Roccat’s design team has spent countless hours taking feedback from gamers to create this ultimate mouse. With a 3200 DPI sensor, you will be able to move your character in-game at lightning speed without any lag time! This mouse also comes with 12 buttons that can all be customized to suit your needs. You can adjust key presses or add macros through Roccat’s easy-to-use interface called “Roccat Talk.” The low weight and ergonomic shape make it comfortable for Using.

Overall construct top quality is really solid. There is no rattle when shaking the computer mouse. When using side stress, no creaking of the covering can be observed. Lastly, with the “No Debounce” feature impaired (default), no unintended clicks happen when knocking the mouse down. With said feature allowed, nevertheless, supposed “slam clicks” do take place. This is meant habits and consequently completely in line with expectations. For additional details on the stated function please refer to the Click Latency area on the following page. Key switches on the Kone Pure Ultra are good. There is really low pre-travel and modest post-travel, which results in a firm and also satisfying click feel. The left button, nonetheless, produces a rather unpleasant “think” upon release, which is something I already saw negatively on the previous Kone Pure Owl-Eye. Button stiffness is a tool to light. D2FC-F-K (50M)-RT Omron (China) switches are made use of for the major switches.

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Roccat KONE Features

  • Aimo lighting system Intelligently harmonizes your lighting across all compatible ROCCAT devices, A living & reactive next-gen lighting system that auto-reacts to usage for a better gaming experience
  • RGB a Multizone illumination gives you 4 independently configurable LED light zones + a glowing mouse wheel, compatible with the ALIENWARE AlienFX lighting system, a program with
  • ROCCAT Kone software
  • Powerful 32-bit ARM MCU+ONBOARD Memory lets you store and run macros on the fly, a built-in tracking distance control unit monitors the pick-flight of your mouse for heightened accuracy, weight @ 130G

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