Roccat KOVA Driver Software Download and Support

Roccat KOVA Driver Software Download and Support – The Roccat KOVA Raw efficiency in a streamlined style is built for pure power and speed up. That’s the Kova. It’s obtained double the switch works on a streamlined framework as well as double-powered dpi for precision pc gaming. Rounded off with a world-class lighting suite incorporated right into an ambidextrous-use, adeptly crafted plan. Smart Cast is the instinctive switch design that doubles your standard mouse 1 as well as computer mouse 2 features. It includes a level of reflexive control for busy games.

Roccat KOVA
Roccat KOVA

The Roccat Kova is a great computer mouse, but two features of it actually troubled me. One is an individual problem, as lots of points here have been. One of my mousepads is constructed from a textile very similar to that of a pillowcase. I have actually utilized several computer mice on it, and none have had concerns. The Roccat Kova drifts on this mouse pad, though. I’ll put it down and also release it, and the mouse cursor will certainly begin jerking and also drifting to the left. I assumed it might be a calibration concern, but it was flawlessly fine on every other surface area as well as a computer mouse pad. This is an extremely certain issue, and also if you don’t have a strange mouse pad, you’ll be fine. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely worth discussing in case any individual else experiences it.

The real issue I observed was the DPI setup. The DPI setups on the Kova go high enough for me, yet they are capped a lot less than some people would certainly like them and are much less than a lot of pc gaming mice on the market today. This isn’t excellent. However, it’s not a significant issue as a couple of individuals would certainly need a DPI that high. Nonetheless, the bigger problem, in my opinion, is that you can not conveniently swap the DPI. Rather, you have to scroll via all five setups. Altering your DPI mid-firefight is essentially impossible; you need to pick a DPI as well as adhere to it unless you have a 2nd to hit your switch 4 times.

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Roccat KOVA Features

  • 7000DPI pro-optic sensor r6 -from 3500 native DPI via Overdrive mode
  • Ambidextrous shape - optimized for both left- and right-hand use
  • Roccat swarm  integrated next-gen driver system
  • ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+]  duplicator technology: 22 functions
  • 16.8M Multicolor illumination customizable two-level light system
  • Very precise optical sensor
  • EasySHIFT options for mapping keys and macros
  • Excellent ergonomics, convenient for left-handers
  • LED lighting
  • Sensor: Pro-Optic Gaming, optical
  • Resolution: 3200 DPI, real-time adjustment of resolution (400, 800, 1600, 3200 dpi)
  • Interface: USB, 1000Hz polling rate, 1ms response
  • Keys: 9 keys + scroll wheel
  • Features: 30G acceleration, 130 inch/s
  • Additional: LED lighting
  • Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 38 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams

Roccat KOVA Driver Download

Roccat Swarm:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows 
Version: V1.9438 File Size: 116.00 MB File Type: zip

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