Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO

The ROCCAT Vulcan 121 AIMO key-board sets you back a massive $159.99, so it’s certainly a high investment. However, it’s mostly worth the cost of admission. PC gamers will instantly observe that the keyboard is much sturdier than the less costly fare, which will likely last a lot longer. So while the key-board might be rather pricey, it seems as though it will be one that players will get a lot of use out of before it will certainly need to be changed or fixed, even when compared to various other high-tier mechanical keyboards on the marketplace. As for efficiency goes, it’s difficult to beat the ROCCAT Vulcan 121 AIMO. The tricks are positioned in such a way to enable optimum accuracy, even for especially rapid typers.

Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO
Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO

The underside is very smooth with only the height readjusting feet and rubber breaking up the marginal panel. The leading plate is also really marginal with the only standout information is the reflective strips on the sides and the Roccat branding in the leading right edge. What makes the body really feel thinner is one of the most standout design attributes of the 121– the ultrathin keycaps and raised, fully revealed switches. Customizing the appearance of the Vulcan 121 AIMO is straightforward enough. Users require to connect the key-board in and after that download and install Swarm, whereupon they will certainly have its complete customization capacities at their fingertips.

Something a little bit frustrating when it concerns tailoring the audio of the ROCCAT Vulcan 121 AIMO key-board is that the function is extremely restricted compared to the colour and illumination impacts. The Swarm application includes simply four audios to pick from and are quite comparable to each other. The click audio, as well as the typewriter effects, essentially seem the same, as do the beam as well as science-fiction noises. Considering just how much flexibility users have when it pertains to the keyboard’s appearance, it would certainly have behaved to have even more choices with noise.

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Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO Key Features

  • Technology – switch bounce is reduced thanks to premium components, allowing the firmware to recognize input faster; tactile 1.8millimeter actuation point balances speed with responsiveness
  • Durability – a sturdy black anodized aluminium top plate with Removable ergonomic palm rest provides robustness while reinforced key switches give a solid feel to each keystroke and are designed to resist dust build-up
  • Illumination – Powered by the AIMO intelligent lighting system, long-life LEDs coupled with transparent key switch housing Display bright, vivid per-key illumination in 16.8M colours
  • Media keys – mixer-style media keys and wheel with integrated LEDs add a level of sophisticated function that provide you with quick and Easy access to comillimeteron Audio and video settings – for rapid control on the fly

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